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Some bentos

MiniObsi’s first bento in her new bento box…

(It’s a rice bar thing…..  a pink coconuty rice cake thing….(the spoon is for the salad) 3 chicken nuggets (she likes them cold…) a salad made of cherry tomato, cucumber and carrot, and 3 little choc biscuit ball things…

And I went all out and bought some special punches to make faces from nori sheets, so I could make cute rice balls!

MiniObsi won’t eat “rice balls” but she will eat them if you call them “sushi balls” – so there you go…  So it’s tuna filled “sushi balls” (I even gave them  slightly rosy cheeks with some jam!)… with pea necklaces, carrot sticks, and some “hello panda” cookies for lunch… and a choc-chip muffin and a tub of homemade custard with banana (the yellow tub)… for recess… and an apple for her “fruit time” thing.


And a bento from a while ago…

It’s a caterpillar made of cherry tomatoes and cucumber (cream cheese mouth and vegemite eyes)… hiding behind 2 carrot star flowers (the green stems are “food picks” you can buy)……with cheese flowers in one container and carrot/cucumber star/flowers in the other.


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