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The best lunchbox ever!

…well.. maybe not the best (though it is purple ;))… but I am so thrilled with MiniObsi’s lunchbox, I wanted to rave about it

The Lunchbox is a “fit & fresh” – though the newer version has oval smaller containers, rather than the hexagon sort of shape these are.  We’ve had it for 2 years now, and it’s still going strong (it was $15 at Howard’s Storage world).. It’s BPA free…  I love it because it suits our lunch needs perfectly. It’s been used in most of my bento posts

So… Ontop of the lunch (whatever that may be – a sandwich, pizza slice,  bento, salad etc)… I put a piece of PUL fabric… to keep everything nice and neat(ish) before the iceblock goes on…  Ideally I should cut a sheet of silicone… which would be easier to clean, and I have had to replace the PUL 3 times now as it can get mouldy if it’s left wet too long.

The iceblock is like a floor/divider thing as well as keeping everything cool.  It has holes in it (so you can put your finger in to lift it out)

2 smaller containers go on the iceblock…  These are perfect because there is a designated “fruit time” they have before recess, so one container can have cut up fruit in there, leaving the other container for recess, usually a homemade muffin or pikelets or something, but if I’m lazy a muesli bar can fit, and her cutlery (for a salad or something) can go there too

Then the lid goes ontop, and I put it inside an insulated lunchbag to keep things together and keep everything in there cooler.

The only disadvantage is her insulated bag is sideways opening, so by the time it’s thrown in her bag – sideways, I have to pack her lunch well or the bento bits can become all messy

In summer she sometimes has a frozen yoghurt tub (which partially defrosts by lunchtime) for lunch, so I’d put the yoghurt in the bottom, with the fruit container beside it, and her recess thing in it’s container ontop of the fruit container and a spoon ontop, with the iceblock divider under the lunchbox in the bag…


One thought on “The best lunchbox ever!

  1. Hi, I love the idea but i was just wondering what brand the insulated lunch bag was or where you get it as i would really like the same one.
    Thank you

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