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My canopy bed

I realised I hadn’t blogged in a while, and I’d put the photos of my bed on FB, but not here… so here it is… after… err… 30 odd years of wanting a canopy bed – I finally have one!

Since buying a nice 4 poster bed is about $4,000 more than we can afford to spend on a bed, I decided that since it’s the curtain bits I want most, and I don’t care about the bed posts –  I could just hang them from the ceiling!… so I devised a cunning plan!  Involving (MrObsi, not me) drilling holes in the ceiling to thread hooks through, which are secured to a piece of wood running across the ceiling beams (so they take the curtain weight,  not the plasterboard ceiling – which is handy, since my niece ended up ripping them down one day and the ceiling probably would have come with them otherwise)…. and the curtains hang from normal curtain rods…. so they can be fully open or fully closed…

And I can tell you now, roll-hemming 12 metres worth of chiffon (which needs all 4 sides of 6 pieces hemmed) is annoying… and in hindsight, buying readymade tab top curtains would probably have been cheaper, and a lot easier, but live and learn…

Pretty nifty hey!?!

yes, I know it’s not technically a canopy, since it’s only covering the sides…. I’m still working on how to give it a “roof” part, but we have a light fitting inside where the canopy roofthing would need to go…. and I think it looks cool how it is anyway.


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