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A few months back we went to Steampump –  a steampunk thing (not sure what you’d call it – an event… a one-night- nightclub of sorts…)  It was part exhibition of steampunk inspired clothing, gadgetry, jewellery etc.  part tearoom (as in they served tea – in teacups with saucers even!!!) and part general loitering about looking nifty.  There was even a display of bare knuckle fighting (not my cup of tea), burlesque, punch and judy puppets and a belly dancer (though not very good).  All in all, a fun evening and I hope they do them again!!!

So of course, costuming needed to happen…

I managed to pick up a cream lace top from an op shop, and I had the corset, brown singlet top, skirt  and high heeled boots already.  So I made a bustle, 2 necklaces (one out of fringing, the other sculpy and gears)…. and some bloomers and yarn hairfalls

You can’t really tell from the photos but I’d done my makeup with those “rosebud” lips… I think it looked ok in the mirror, but it didn’t end up looking good in photos, because you couldn’t really see what it was…  and I had a green swirly-vine thing (actually a sticker)  under my eye on one side…

I needed a hat…. I love those little hats….  So MrObsi made me a base one in cardboard… and I covered it in felt (all hand sewn – took me an ENTIRE day).. and I even tacked it all first, then sewed!  I really wanted to make it as perfect as I could.  It’s even all lined inside, so you’d never guess it was cardboard inside.  Not sure if you can tell but the sides of the hat slope, so the top is a wider circle than the base… 😀

Mojo (our cat) waited patiently – not showing any interest in the hat, until the following morning when I dropped MiniObsi off at school, came home to find in the all of 2 mins I was gone, he’d jumped up onto the table, grabbed the hat, chewed most of the purple feathers and the hat was on the floor!

Thankfully the rest of the hat was undamaged, but I did have to remove the sewn on decoration, and the ribbon, to get to the feathers (also sewn on), remove those, drive to spotlight to buy replacement feathers, and sew them all back on again.  I was less than impressed let me tell you!

And lastly… some leather stuffs… I wanted to make some skirt hikes (to keep your skirt hitched up), and some arm bands (bracers), and I made a choker, but it ended up not looking so good on my fat neck, so I didn’t wear it.  Unfortunately I was expecting dad to have a lot of brass leather supplies and he had brass rings and brass rivets – nothing else… so I had to improvise.

The arm bands are made from 2 layers of suede, so that the rivets from the decorations don’t show through the back.  Even though nobody would have seen it – I want things to be made as well as I can 😀  I worried they might look a bit too “manly” – so I ended up gluing a couple of filigree jewellery pieces to them, to girly them up a bit

(I swear that centre filigree thing is in the centre, the angle here just makes it look like it’s not {no, really… I’m sure it is actually centered properly… looks centered to me in real life, but this pic makes it look wonky})

I chose not to wear the choker on account of not being able to walk around looking at the ceiling all night (since if I didn’t, I’d end up with an unsightly double chin overhang… not attractive…)  So instead I made the fringing choker instead.



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