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Steampunk inspired ipod

(well… a cheap knockoff ipod :D)

After seeing this, and being inspired….I made this set for hubby for Xmas.  I know gluing gears onto things and thus declaring them to be “Steampunk” is a bit kitch… but gears are cool 😀  and I did try to make sure most pieces could look like they were part of an actual working, moving thing… not just one or two randomly glued on things…

He photographed them, and didn’t bother to wipe off any dust and fluff, so excuse that 😀


“ipod” (or rather, generic MP3 player)

The earphones were blue plastic where the gear bits are….I was wondering how to cover that, since blue wasn’t going to work….. I thought first off of using scuply (that bake-in-the-oven modelling clay), which is what they used in the inspiration pretend earphone… but then I realised I couldn’t bake the earphones, and I didn’t think I could mould the sculpy on, remove it, bake it and stick itonto the earphones successfully (since sculpy tends to shrink and distort a bit).  So then I thought I’d buy some bronze nail polish and see if that looked decent.  I think it did.  So then I used strong glue to stick the gears on – which I’d bought as a bunch of assorted watch parts on etsy.  It was a bit tricky because the earphones are domed…. and the watch pieces are all flat…

The “ipod” I bought in metallic orange, wondering if that would end up looking brassy enough… it didn’t… I contemplated making a leather case for it, but in the end it also got nailpolished.  I think they both got 2 or 3 coats to give a good coverage.  From some angles the coverage on the ipod is bad, it’s tricky painting something bigger than a nail with a small nailpolish brush….. and because the round selection button thing was white, it didn’t end up the same colour as the rest when viewed from certain angles (not sure why that is – from front on it looks ok, but certain angles look very different)…. but I didn’t want to risk several coats of nailpolish, because it can get gluggy.  I knew the button and around it needed to be free of anything, so it could be used.  But there was a round space in the centre perfectly sized for that watch face 😀  I took more care with this piece to try and match the gears up as if they could connect and work.


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