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Pin Cushion “book”

I was searching through old photos and found this… so I thought I’d share.. It’s a pincushion thing I made for a friend – I thought it was pretty swanky (though I don’t think she actually liked it since I never heard about it or saw it again after giving it to her – ohh well 😦 [maybe I should break into her house and steal it back – since I dearly loved it]..  but anyway)……

Front cover

Back cover


The idea was… that it’s a padded (batting inside) pincushion book, so you can put pins, needles and whatnot in the polarfleece inner and keep everything nice and neat…  It was about the size of an A4 sheet of paper when closed.

To make it, I made the patchwork front and back cover pieces (I did some fancy machine stitching on there for extra interest) , and then sewed them together at the spine, then sewed a layer of polarfleece, turned it out the right way and stuffed a piece of wadding inside, then I topstitched around to close the opening, and I did a line of stitching down the spine to make it’s fold more obvious, and sewed around where the patchwork window bits were to give it a better look.

In hindsight some pockets inside wouldn’t have gone astray – then seam rippers, scissors and other assorted whatsits could go inside too…


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