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Blue Eggs!

Some happy and some sad chicken news….

One morning… I wake to hear an odd chicken sound.  That couldn’t be a “cock-a-doodle-doo” could it?  surely not…. no roosters around here…  Hmm, there it goes again….. sounds very close…. infact… sounds very close….  OHH CRAP – I leap to the window, and look out.  Sure enough one of my lovely Araucana “hens” was standing on the coop steps, chest out, proudly attempting a crow.


I thought perhaps I could be mistaken, so left it to the next day – no…. most definitely a crow.  Looking at it, I could then see it’s tail was a bit longer… it’s a bit bigger.  Damn… I have a rooster

See…. the words of the breeder all those months ago then rang through my mind…. when I’d had the chick die and replaced, and he’s gone “I picked out the biggest, healthiest looking one for you – I just hope it is a female haha”

*roll eyes*

So I called the breeder again, and they said they would replace it… but I had to wait for the new hatchings….

So then…. down to 1 Araucana!  Violetta…  Who finally laid a blue egg for me, and then died 2 days later 😦  Very very sad 😦 😦

One bit of happy news though… my friend called me (the day before Violetta died I think) to ask if I wanted her Araucana hen!  Hers isn’t a purebred, but that’s ok.  And the cool thing, her name is Princess Leia!  hahaha  (get it… “layer” – I think my friend got the idea from MiniObsi’s school since they have “Cluckingham Palace” as the coop and Princess Leia is one of their chooks)

You probably can’t see it but she’s a sort of peachy-white with a lavender tail and some of her chest feathers are a bluish-lavender.  Very interesting!

Then I got a call a week ago to say they had an 8 week old hen ready for me – WOOT!  Murasaki will be her name.  She’s now just old enough to be outside…

….and Princess Leia has started to lay!  Only a day or two after arriving here!!   Her first egg was tiny, like a sparrow egg sort of size, but then her next eggs have been a bit more of a usual size – smaller than a normal egg, but I think that’s because she’s not fully grown yet (since she is still young).

Normal size blue egg (Violetta’s egg) and Leia’s tiny blue egg


And a better shot of how blue the blue egg is – in the nest with the brown eggs from the other 2 hens.


And while I’m snapping photos of chooks… here’s “Pepper”  all grown up!  She has really cool black and white feathers on her chest.

She’s a mixed breed of origin I don’t know…She’s the one remaining chicken from the batch of chicks I got before getting the Araucanas…  We’d lost one to heat, then unfortunately we had one very badly injured when my dog got into the yard and played with them (Whether he did it, or he chased her into a spot where she hurt herself on something in the yard – I don’t know)….and I decided to give the plain black and the plain white hens back to the friend I got them from as chicks, because she’d lost some hens and was lacking… We ended up having to take the severly injured hen to the RSPCA vet to have her put down, as she was just too badly hurt.  Warning – Graphic pics! (you could see her internal organs and her crop was punctured..)  😦


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