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Rainbow cupcakes

I started a post about these but never finished, so here it is…  Horrifyingly brightly coloured, immensely cool rainbow cupcakes!

Start off by taking any normal cakemix, and dividing it into a few separate bowls.  Add some food colouring to each separate bowl.  I used red, blue, green, yellow and purple.  Purple is hard to get right though (tends to go greyish) .  You can use natural colouring, but it won’t be vibrant

Spoon about a teaspoonful or less of each colour into the patty pans so you have layers of colour…   then bake.  They can look incredibly cool like this before you even do anything else to them!



To do the multi-coloured piping, all you do is make 4 colours of frosting, and spoon each one into the 4 corners of a piping bag (not that a cone has corners, but you know what I mean)… there will be some blending, but try to keep the colours as separate as you can.

Then as you pipe it on, magic happens!


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