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Human Nature

You know… I’ve wondered what aliens might think if they looked down upon our roads, and couldn’t see our traffic lights… so didn’t know that’s how we organised things.  Would they think we’re just really polite and civilised?  We just all take turns in going our ways?

…Until the lights go out…

Then everything descends into utter chaos.  You’ve got people trying to fight it out to see who gets to go first.  Is it the biggest truck?  the most fearless bogan in the ute?  the mum with 18 kids in a 4WD?  Or do you all just meet up in the middle in a defiant mexican standoff..

… until the police come and with a mere gesture of a hand, restore balance and order to the world (intersection) again…

It’s funny to think how even on intersections without lights, we manage to (for the most part) let common sense prevail and all go about our business in a reasonably trouble free way… But not in an intersection that once had lights to tell us what to do….  and now does not….. without those 3 magical lights, it becomes every man for himself!  It’s almost like it gives people an excuse to do whatever the hell they want.  The traffic equivalent of someone queue jumping because they think their need is greater than others.

It reminds me of when we turned friendly fire on in TF2 the other day… all of a sudden your spawn is filled with sticky bombs, and the Solly beside you puts a rocket in your ear…

It seems in an absence of the normal rules, people just can’t cope… It becomes all lord of the flies…

… and takes me 15 mins to drive the 5 mins to mum’s place….


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