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Grade 2

MiniObsi is now in grade 2!

(that’s her looking at the camera going “muuuuum”)

Amazingly… she came back from a sleepover at my parents place a few weeks ago and asked for a boiled egg!  Poppy had given her one and she’s decided she likes them again – woot!  She went off them 2 years ago after I spent like $15 buying funky bento egg moulds to make shaped boiled eggs, so I was pleased I could use them again, so she had a cute bunny egg for her first day back at school bento  to celebrate! (you mould the egg then use diluted food colouring to paint the features.. I was in a hurry, and managed to spill blue food colouring on myself, so one eye is a bit pox..)

The rest of the bento was boring, since first day back was a Friday, so I didn’t bother buying anything fancy… so the photo of it was too boring to bother adding… it was a rolled up piece of ham (her request), cucumber sticks, a rice ball (tuna inside) and carrot slices cut into flowers.


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