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bento ideas (again)

I just bought MiniObsi a proper bento box:

It’s a 2 tier box… We picked it to go with this insulated bento bag

Though now I look at the bag again, I’m not sure if it’s pink or red… I thought it was red, so we picked a red bento box… but it might be pink… I don’t know if that means I’ll have to buy a pink Hello Kitty box so they match…  I’m fussy about stuff like that…. I’ll have to wait and see…and I bought a freezer block thing to match too… which wouldn’t fit the red theme, no.. and we have several freezer blocks anyway, but I couldn’t resist matching…

I didn’t know MiniObsi actually liked Hello Kitty, I just started looking for ebay stores that sold insulated bento bags, saw that one and liked it and asked MiniObsi is she wanted it, and she was very enthusiastic 🙂  I’ve wanted to buy her a proper bento box for ages (probably 3 years, when I first discovered bento)… but their price and the fact I don’t know if they are “safe” plastics always turned me off… especially since I do really like the “fit & fresh” box I use….

But, enabled by some people talking bento on facebook, I decided to splurge.  Not that it was a huge splurge… the box was about $18 and the bag about $7… from here.  I think we’ll use it only occasionally, as something special.  I can’t wait to make some bento in it though!

So we’ve been going through, getting some more ideas for bento..


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