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Geeky makeup

Interestingly… in my lightsaber searches I came across a link to a “lipsticks & Lightsabers” blog.  It turned out to be mostly talking about makeup, which I thought I wasn’t interested in (while I do wear it, I’m not really that much 0f a girly girl that squees over makeup), but I found myself reading it anyway and getting inspired.

A while ago (a long while actually), I heard of mineral makeup… I thought I’d blogged about it, but a search shows nothing, so perhaps I didn’t…  Hmm… anyway, I liked that mineral makeup is made by smaller companies with less junk in them, and I’d ordered some samples (from here, here and at least 2 other places who were too stupid to label their pots/bags so I have no idea now where they came from even if I wanted to order more)  to start me on my way to minerally goodness.  Problem was, most of the samples were in ziplock bags, which makes them hard to use, and they spill out and cover everything else and are annoying…and I ended up reverting back to the normal stuff because it’s easier….. and my box of mineral stuff got pushed to the back of the cupboard.

Anyway…  after reading post after post about makeup on the L&L blog I discovered that there are makeup makers out there doing “geeky” (read “cool”) makeup in gaming/tv sorts of themes…. how cool is that!  ok, ok, so it’s just eyeshadow, given a cooler name, but if you have the choice of “brown” or “epona”…. really… is there any choice?

… and see… I needed some coppery colours for steampunk costuming…. and I was looking through a makeup catalogue recently thinking since I have green eyes, I should give green eyeshadow a try (normally I stick to brown or dusty purple), but I’m hesitant to spend a lot just to try it out and find it looks crap, so the other advantage of these mineral makeup eyeshadows is they are cheap for samples so it’s not too much to waste if they are hideous.

So….  for my fellow gaming female friends…

http://www.etsy.com/shop/shirocosmetics – Has a large range of pokemon and Zelda themed eyeshadows, also some funny Internet based lip colours (eg “rick rolled” hah).  I’ve ordered some small pots of the Zelda inspired ones (also 2 purply ones from the Pokemon one).. Interesting to see how they go

http://www.geekchiccosmetics.com – They have an hilarious Firefly set as well as a  Zelda theme and a few others I don’t recognise, but also a “My Little Pwny” lipstick – which would go well with this Tshirt (if they made them for much larger sizes *sigh*)… need to wait for them to get some things back in stock

http://www.fyrinnae.com – L&L raves over this company so I ordered *ahem* a fair few of these samples… because they do look awesome and they do a special eye primer thing that makes glittery eyeshadow stick on better… so I got that too.

I also found some makeup brushes with purple bristles on ebay, so of course I had to buy those 😀  Now I need to go do a lot of sewing to pay for all that, so I can buy some of the geek chic samples to increase my collection…


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