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Hubby’s Birthday

Hubby is very into “Steampunk” so for his birthday I wanted to make his gifts have a steampunk theme.

First…. he’s into LEGO… so I went shopping at bricklink and bought a ton of LEGO

With which, I made a (sort of) steampunk airship….

(My first ever proper LEGO build!)

…. and a pair of leather gaiters….

They aren’t quite finished.  There are brass ends to the buckle straps, but I needed him to try them on before I cut the straps down and added them (since I had to model these on his boots and hope they would be the right size/shape!)… and I wasn’t sure if he wanted them plain, or snazzed up with some rivets along the edging or contrasting leather sewn/rivetted on or something, so he can work out what he wants to do with them (if anything).

I also made a little bag to go on his belt in the same leather

Ok… I confess….  I didn’t sew the seams in the gaiters or the bag… I tried… but it’s been so long since I’ve used dad’s antique treddle sewing machines, I couldn’t get the hang of the treddle action and kept jamming it… and since it was hot in the workroom and dad was there and much more proficient, it seemed like a much better idea to let him do it quickly and be done with it 🙂

And of course…. cake

The pain in the bum cake!

Firstly I needed to go out and buy $60 worth of paintbrushes, cutters and metallic paints…  I had to laugh at one pack of cutters… I think they have been sitting around in the shop a while, the coating was disintegrating 😉

Then I spent about 3 hours cutting and painting cogs – each cog needed 2 coats of metallic paint… and I had to be really careful with them

Then the cake itself….

It started out as a choc mud cake…  when I went to get the caketin to put it in… couldn’t find it…. so I had to go out to the shops to go buy one… but it was too small – not big enough to halve the mixture, but too small that the cakemix filled it… I had to hope that the cake wouldn’t rise much.  Thankfully it didn’t, but it was soooooo damned oily, it was unusable.  I don’t know what went wrong, except that the recipe called for 250g butter, 1/4c oil and a block of chocolate, so that’s a whomping amount of fat there…

That’s my hand after touching the cake, and paper towels I sat the cake on to try and absorb some grease… after seeing that paper towel, I realised the cake was too revolting to contemplate using, and after a bit of a cry (ok, a lot of a cry :D)… went to the supermarket and bought 2 plain sponges, a can of caramel “top ‘n’ fill” and put 3 layers of sponge together with whipped cream and the caramel between the layers…  and covered it in the icing (my first ever go at that, and apart from not rolling it long enough, I did an ok job I think..)

It too needed 2 coats of silver paint (3 coats in some places)

But I think it turned out ok in the end (and the cake was decently edible, even the icing, which I was sure wouldn’t be with that much “edible” paint on it)

I also made some choc mousse cups (bought choc cases, and packet mix choc mousse lol, but meh)


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