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My new mineral makeup samples and things are finally all in.  I was just waiting on Fyinnae to arrive so I could post them all together.  I haven’t tried them yet – I just wanted to post my pretties 🙂  I’ve been very boring with my eye makeup… generally I stick with the same type of brown shades or the same type of muted purply colour… so I thought I’d use these samples as a way to give some various greens a go as well – since I have green eyes, and I’ve never actually tried using green eyeshadow, and I should…

Pure Luxe

The first to arrive, the quickest between ordering and receiving .  Their samples are $1 each for 1/8 tsp in a jar.  They arrived stacked together, wrapped in bubble wrap – nice and secure.

I was impressed with how much you get as a sample! – If you turn the jars on their side and tap them to settle the contents, I’d say it’s about 1/3 of the jar full…  for most colours that’s all I’ll need (for a while anyway), which is great!  I like that they have the brand label on the top in clear – so you can see through.  Looks nice and professional. The shade labels are just a sticker on the back with the word/s for the shade on it, which isn’t as professional looking though.  I haven’t actually tried them yet, but just looking at them, I’m impressed with the ones I picked.

Their website isn’t the best…. you have to go searching several pages for all the colours and the way they show the pics then you have to scroll down the page to find the pull down menu thing for the shade you want – it’s clunky…. but they have a good range of colours and you seem to get a lot for your money with the samples.

Geek chic

These were next to arrive.  I’d wanted these for the Big Damned Heros set 🙂  Unfortunately they only offer samples in bags…. I HATE bagged samples (you have to dip your brush in there and that’s messy… and then you’ve got some nice pots and some crappy bags all sitting in your makeup box – ugly), but I wasn’t sure I wanted to lash out and get the $4.99  full sized pots…

I tried to persuade them to offer the option of potted samples, but they said people weren’t willing to pay the extra postage 😦  Which may be the case for people buying just samples, but if you’re ordering a lipstick or full size as well as samples, you’re paying the higher price anyway…. so I can’t see why it would hurt them to offer a $2 sample in a sifterless pot for those who want one….. and they say that while they have had issues with the bags leaking in the corners (which is why some people have talked of sample pots), they now tape the edges to stop that happening (interestingly, I’ve had a couple of bagged samples from different places and never had that, except from one of theirs – which was taped in the corners and posted in a box so wasn’t even squished, but yet stuff tried to spill out the corners…so I wonder if their bags are at fault?)

Anyway…  since they wouldn’t consider sample pots, I decided to throw caution to the wind and ordered one sample and the rest full size (I used their buy 4 get one free discount) and I got one sample for free, which was nice.  They came in a tissue paper lined box, so everything was nice and secure.

I like the pots, they are squarish on the bottom, which looks a bit more fancy… with sifters and stickers – and they were shrink wrapped so nothing fell out.  They have nice glossy labels with a symbol of the set they are from on the top, and the shade name and ingredients, with their business name on the bottom. Nice and professional!  What I’m not as happy with (coz I’m anal and things like this bother me) is that if you look at the lids, some are clear and some are black.  ARGH!  the lids don’t all match!!!   At least the set of BDH ones do all match.

I took the sifter out of one of the pots, put the lid back on and tapped it to settle the contents, and while it’s a bit hard to check because of the large lid sticker, I think the containers are about half full…  Even though the base of the containers are square, they appear to have the same capacity as the rounded ones… which means that you’re only getting marginally more in these than you get as a $1 sample from Pure Luxe…  So unless you’re particularly fond of the shades they have, or the fancy pots with sifters, it seems better value to go elsewhere.

I can’t say I’m impressed with the lipstick. Which is a shame, I was looking forward to it.  Now, I know different monitor settings change the look of things online, but on my monitor, this pic below is pretty much the exact shade the lipstick is (which is also how it appears on your lips)…   Now I know the description says “lavender” but if you look at the page – those images are nothing like the lipstick http://www.geekchiccosmetics.com/mylittlepwny.html… especially since the swatch and the pic in the tube are also COMPLETELY different shades…. of the same lipstick…. I guess it’s closer to the lip shaped swatch, only lighter.  The shade is ok, but not quite what I was expecting, and paler than I’d like (very 80’s pastel).  Also, while I am now used to it, when I first applied it the texture was weird…. very… sort of thick and creamy?…. hard to explain… not smooth like lipstick is….and it needed several coats to get dark enough to match the colour of the tube.

But the main thing is that its in a nice proper tube, but with a really dodgy printed out label…. seriously…. what?!? It completely ruins the whole look.  I get that their “look” is the old 8 bit graphics era so their font and logo stuffs are the old pixelated fonts and things (not my cup of tea, I personally think it looks a bit messy, but it’s not my business lol)… but they went to the effort of having nice coloured “proper” stickers for the eyeshadows, they could do it for the lippies too….  clearly they just got a sheet of sticker paper, made the labels and cut them out and stuck them on. I was going to say it looks homemade, but I’d have printed out a better label if I’d have done it on my sticker paper at home.  Nothing at all like their example pic on the site is.  I’d be embarrassed to have this out in public – I’d rip the stickers off and leave it a plain tube.  Not to mention the fact that being normal matt paper stuff, I imagine it’s going to get grubby from being handled.  Quite disappointing that they would lower the quality of their product like that because of the label.


These arrived on the same day as the Geek Chic, but I’d ordered them a bit earlier… they also have a little delay due to being busy (she also moved to a warehouse between me ordering and it being dispatched I believe)  They arrived in a box, in a little plastic bag – with chocolates!  Woot!  and I got 3 free samples, which was very nice.

I’d ordered the 10 pack of small pots (so not a sample, but not full size), and I picked mostly Zelda ones, but a couple of Pokemon ones too.  While the listing said no sifter, they came with a sifter and a sticker over the sifter, which was good because most of the lids were loose and otherwise I’d have had an awful mess! I believe they did a poll recently asking if people preferred the pots shrink wrapped or with sifters, and I didn’t vote since I don’t know if I have a preference…. as I’ve not had much experience with eyeshadows with sifters (only face powders and bronzers and things).. but I think one or the other is needed since lids do go loose.

I also got one of the intertubes – “Sad Keanu” – which I didn’t understand, so I googled it 😀  I got it because it was purple of course.  It’s basically a lipgloss.  It feels nice on and has a nice subtle but strong (if that makes sense) tint…  (eg it’s sheer, not like a lipstick, but it’s got a lot of colour for a lipgloss)

I took one of the sifters out and did the same test as I did with the other pots (tap them on their side), it seemed to be about half full, and seemed a lot more dense (it wanted to stay compacted)…. So at $2.70 per pot, you seem to get more for your money than the $4.99 Geek Chic pots.


These took the longest to arrive… 35 days – but there were apparently about 500 orders before mine, and I think they advised a 20 day wait before they could process my order, so with that and shipping, that’s about right.  It came in a bag not a box, but wrapped in cardboard, in a plastic bag and in black glittery tissue paper.  All the lids were screwed on tight, no leakage at all.  The shade name and their brand are on stickers on the back in their cool font.

I got a free sample of one of the arcane shades (I’d picked it up wondering why there was only a tiny bit in there, then I realised it had “free sample” on the back), and a little brush (for eyeliner I assume).  I’d ordered some of the pixie epoxy and a primer to try out too… the primer is in a cute little black pot.

The pots are about 1/3 full… the sample sizes say they are either 1/4 tsp  for the Arcane ones, or 1/3 tsp for the rest…. and I think for memory (the site is currently closed while they catch up with orders) that the samples were $2 each?  So I think that was good value…  twice as expensive than Pure Luxe, but the colours are  gorgeous (the picture doesn’t begin to show how nice) and I can see why they cost more and why a lot of people rave over them!


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