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I cleaned my desk

…See…. this is momentous if you’ve seen the “before” (though taken a while ago…  it’s an accurate portrayal of how messy my desk gets)….


yes… it’s disgraceful… but I make no secret – I’m a slob.

…it’s like someone has vomited papers and mess, all over my desk…

So… since I’ve been getting SHOCKING hayfever of late, I decided some dusting might be in order (yes, start the mum-esque lectures about dust)…  so… I also took the opportunity to clean off some of the crap from my desk, and pretty things up a bit…

This is the result…


I decided to stand my purple lightsaber up, so it wasn’t blocking everything behind it, then I decided to collect all my Star Wars things in the one spot (except the 11 Star Wars games I have, one book that’s in the car and another I realised I forgot to relocate from the bookshelf).. ohh and I’ve “misplaced” the C-3PO that MiniObsi made me that goes with the toilet roll&peg R2 that she made (which is behind Leia, and you probably can’t see it, since I had to take the photo on an angle to get my LEGO minifigs in shot)

(the bottle of stuff isn’t Star Warsy… it’s some weird looking basil seed drink from an Asian grocery store that looked too freaky, I had to buy it… but it looks alien enough it’s allowed to stay on the shelf… I’ll say it’s a bacta tank sediment storage unit or something :D)


and here’s MrObsi and I having a quick duel for a photo with the Ultrasabers lightsabers (it’s Xmas morning, and I also got him a top hat, so excuse the weirdness)


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