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Easter Swap

I did an Easter themed swap, and I was quite pleased with what I made for my swapper, so I’m showing it off here (now that it’s been received, so I won’t spoil the surprise) 😀

Firstly (after much contemplation) I decided to make a fabric box… I actually spent about an hour in the fabric store trying to find something “easter” themed…. and preferably green (my swappers fave colour)… All the chicken or bunny fabrics were really babyish….the best I found was something with birds on it, that sort of looked “spring” like to me…  unfortunately it’s more purple than green, and the green in it is a yellowy green… but I found a spotted fabric to match, and that was done.

Then I decided to decorate some of our blue aracuana eggs.  I wasn’t sure what to use, so I tested out some permanent texta and I think it worked well.  I happened to have black and purple, so I tested it out with those, and then forgot that I’d planned to go buy a green sharpie to do them… so they all ended up purple, not green… but I think they are pretty 😀



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