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Steampunk Lightsaber … part 2

Ok, so I had wild plans of making a steampunk lightsaber – just because I can, and also because I want some cool weapon/gadget for my costume…

I looked a a bunch of pics, and decided on buying a length of copper pipe and some attachments – Shown here. Nothing more happened for quite some time… since I found it hard to get cool looking brass bits and pieces to use.  And the ever present issue of blade or no blade…. and what to use as a blade should I decide I want one (given the online places I’ve found charge a fortune)

As my May deadline approaches, I’ve begun to stress, so when I saw some cheap lightsabers in a “$2 shop” (for $6), I wondered if I could take them apart and use the blade and lights in my lightsaber…  Or if worst came to worst, I could paint it and have something that would do.

So they had 6 left, and I bought them all 😀  They are kinda cool – they do 3 colours (red, blue, purple) with appropriate ignition sounds and swooshing sounds – if you wave them violently or touch something with them, they change colour.

We took one apart, just to see what the innards were like,….  The chip that does the lighting/sounds is too big to fit inside my copper pipe unfortunately… I’m not sure if I could take the LEDs and the battery housing bit and cobble something to just give lights (as I’m not that fussed about the sounds)- I’m a bit scared of fiddling with electrical things. I bought a slim torch but it’s *just* too small to fit inside…. buggerit.  I plan to use the blade part for my copper pipe saber. If I can get the right screw on attachment, I will be able to glue/fasten the blade to that attachment, and have the option then for the hilt to be plain or bladed, depending on what I want.

So I set about painting one of the cheap plastic ones last night.  I bought model paint, as the art store lady said that would be the best thing to use. It still needs a couple more coats to get full coverage over the plastic, but I think it’s looking quite awesome!  I’ll put varnish over the top to help make it more durable too.

Half painted

The original plain black plastic & my painted one

(still needs more coats)

Now – I still have the problem of the blade – I still don’t want to have the blade showing as being obviously a plastic tube when it’s not lit… and I can’t walk around with a lit lightsaber hanging from my belt or I’d be chopping my legs off as I walk… So my plan is to take some air-dry clay and make a sort of filigree/vine-like  “guard” – so it’s wrapped around the blade, disguising it, and my hope it I can pretend that it’s a safety guard so that I could walk around with a lit saber and not cut my legs off.

I’m hoping it works… I’m a bit worried about ruining my nicely painted lightsaber, but the clay should wash off if I make a mistake and should remove easily… and if not, I have 4 other sabers I can use 😀


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