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Steampunk Lightsaber … part 3

So…. I started doing the clay “guard”.  It turned out to be more of a PITA than I thought.  The clay didn’t stick once it dried, but I had to form it around the blade while it was wet, without gluing it on… So I had to do some, wait for it to dry and fall off, then put glue on the clay piece and try to stick it back on where it went – without letting the glue touch where it shouldn’t (it melts the plastic)… which is hard to do when you’re trying to position a curved piece of clay onto a round stick…. it’s not the neatest job, some glue bits marked the plastic…but I’m hoping it will look ok – in the dark you won’t see it.

It’s about half done…they clay-work will go right to the end.  I’ll be painting the clay a coppery colour when it’s done.

Also… I did something to my original lightsaber… finally 😀  I went back to bunnings and got a second brass fitting, so I can glue the blade from one of the cheap sabers to it… which will allow me to switch between bladeless (which I’m planning to have a crystal in the tip), and with blade.

So that’s the bladeless hilt, and the removable blade.  It’s just glued on at the moment, but I’ll be covering that crappy glued bit with something…. when I work out what 😉


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