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I decided I wanted to make myself a snuggie… when I’m sitting at the computer at night, I get really cold… my gaming PC is next to a full length window, so it gets quite cold in winter (and hot in summer).  I have a fleece blanket I use, but I have the problem of either just wearing it around me and leaving my arms free (since I need to use the keyboard and mouse) – which get cold… Or putting it over my arms, but getting drafty sides where the blanket lets the cold air in.

So… solution – a blanket with sleeves – a “snuggie”, “slanket” – whatever you call them.  I also wanted a dressing gown, so I thought I could make one and just wear it backwards.

As it turns out, the online instructions to make a snuggie call for just a rectangle of fleece, with holes cut in, and tube sleeves sewn in.  Very basic.  I was going to do a more dressing gown thing, but then I decided to go for the quicker, seam-free version they do.  it can kinda be work backwards as a dressing gown.

All you need is take about 2+ metres of polarfleece or something.  I used “coral fleece” or “cuddle fleece” – the fluffier softer stuff.

Because the width of the fleece fabric was the perfect length for me (my snuggie just drags a little on the ground, but I’m fairly short), I used the length around the body, with the selvedge at the neck and bottom hem… and cut my arm pieces off  and then folded it in half to do the rest…. So I’d actually not had quite enough fabric at 2 metres to make the whole thing it as full as I’d like (and I couldn’t be bothered going out again for half a metre of fabric), but it’s got enough coverage, so it’s fine….

If you’re a more “curvaceous” person, you’ll probably want 2.5 -3 metres, so you can use the extra half a metre+ for the sleeves. I made sleeves about 50cm wide, as I didn’t want to waste fabric, since I was worried I might not have enough – which ended up not being large enough for my fat “tuckshop lady” arms, so I ended up having to take the extra fabric I’d cut out of the armholes, and sew triangles of that in at the top of the sleeve, like gores, to give more room… but 50-60cm should be enough for most people.  Remember that you need room to move.. so give them plenty of fabric.

Some guides say to fold your 2.5-3 metres of fabric in half, and chop the bottom bit off for the sleeves… but then you’ll have to hem the bottom of your snuggie…  and the fabric was a perfect length for me to use the selvedges as hems, so what I did was cut the 50cm wide sleeve bit off first.  Then cut that in half… which made sleeves a bit too long, but I don’t mind… you can trim them down obviously… that way you can use the selvedge as the sleeve cuff hem too 🙂  Sew each sleeve together along the long sides, to make your 2 tube sleeves.

Then fold the rest of the fabric in half…

You can measure your chest to see how wide apart the sleeves should be.  I used 11 inches in from the folded edge.. which isn’t too roomy on me, but should be a good size for most people… and you’ll probably want to start the sleeve hole about 10-12 inches from the top edge.  I guestimated the sleeve hole size by putting my tube sleeve against it and marking out the hole size.

Other (better) guides give measurements for the armholes if you like:

Then just pin your tube sleeves into the armholes.  Remember when doing this, turn your sleeve out the right way, and have it coming through your armhole… so your sewing will be on the inside.

Once the sleeves are in, just hem down the sides of the snuggie.  If you’re using the selvedges of the fabric for the neck and bottom hem, you’re done!


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