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Steampump 2011

Steampump” was on again last night.  A Steampunk themed… get-together.  Not sure how to describe it really…  You have people dressed up in fabulous costumes… there are tables to purchase steampunk wares… a tea-room to have a civilised cup of tea, (in a cup and saucer of course),  biscuits, cake or scones… some performances (burlesque dancing, belly dancing, bare-fist fighting, magic)… and general milling about.

I put more effort into the costume for this year… Last year taught me the importance of a fan!  With that many people in such a small space, it gets quite warm.  I also bought a new corset, had my lightsaber and spats. I wasn’t going to have a gun or goggles, because everyone does… but we’d gone to a junk shop thing last week (you pay $20 for a garbage bag and fill it with whatever stuff you want – and it’s mostly offcuts and scraps from factories) and there happened to be a kids little water pistol that looked like a ray gun sitting next to a pile of toys… so I got them (there were 2) and I painted one up in bronze and gold paint.. and it fit perfectly in the top of my spat!

Funnily enough… when we dropped MiniObsi off at mum’s, she mentioned that someone bought a bag off them that day, to wear at Steampump!  and she lives in the same town I do.. how’s that for coincidence!  So mum told her to look out for the woman wearing spats with swirls 😀  I ended up finding her… I noticed someone wearing a bag like my parents make, so we asked her if she bought it that day, and she did – so we introduced ourselves.

The thing that got me the most compliments was my hair.  Last year I’d made myself a pair of wool yarn hairfalls (the ones I sell), but I have since discovered that I’m allergic to something in that wool, as it makes my eyes sore.  Last year’s one I’d wanted some copper “cyberlox”/”tubular crinoline” (basically mesh tubes), but I’d left it too late to be able to order the stuff from overseas.  This year I also left it to the last minute, figuring they probably wouldn’t arrive on time, and was going to wear my eye-hurting wool ones as plan B… Luckily the cyberlox arrived on the Friday, and I made them up that night for the event on Sat – talk about timing!

I don’t have a picture of the cyberlox falls on their own, but they are hair pieces that just attach over a bun.  I bought 5 yards of each colour, from http://www.ikickshins.net (copper, cocoa metallic, aqua & cocoa stripe, black & gunmetal stripe and petrol green)… cut each piece into 4 pieces, and attached them to a hairband to wear around a bun. I think they ended up looking good… and they are so light and comfortable, I’m definitely in lurve!

I’m wearing my new eyeshadows from Fyrinnae and Shiro – first time I’ve ever worn green eyeshadow (except once when I had a test of some at a makeup party)… it’s a mix of 2 different greens, a bronze and a gold.  I was worried it was a bit over the top, but since the whole outfit is over the top, I figured it fit 🙂

We had our photos taken by the professional photographer there, can’t wait for them to go up online so I can see them.  As I had my lightsaber, he turned off the lights and took a few shots with me moving the saber, so that it made a stream of light… those looked awesome (he had a digital camera so he could show you what they looked like).  I’ll put the link here when they are up.

So…. pics 🙂

The obligatory posing shots
(well, it’s all posing of course, but more posey posing)

…And hubby…

And some shots from the evening.  We really need a better camera, ours is too crappy for very dark shots… so I’ve had to lighten these and the picture quality is poor.

General milling about.

Yes, it’s this crowded 🙂  There were about 200 tickets I think, but the space isn’t that large… it’s in the basement of an old building, so it’s a lot of corridors and columns about, with that forming different sections, and a few small rooms off the main areas.

This woman had the most awesome wings!  They opened up by way of a windey thing on the backpack bit, and you could see the gears inside.

This woman was scary-cool!

The clockwork Butterfly stall.  Lots of lovely clothes and I *want* one of those lace parasoles! (they are from A bit Shady)

Some sort of card playing.  His table had these 2 old fashioned lamps, one on each end, and it looked very impressive… he has some sort of faux robotic hand (at least I’m assuming it’s faux lol)

Us chatting about parasoles with the Clockwork Butterfly lady (in brown)

Jamie gets comfy!

Maria and Olivia looking elegant with my fan


This woman’s costume was very cool and elaborate.. you can’t really see, but she had a cool gold corset and an ornate headset with (I imagine, fake) microphone, and a cool gun

The winged lady again, with her wings fully outstretched.

Loved this woman’s hat!

…. and we had the same burlesque performer from last time… different costume and routine though… She danced with a fan, then flirted with the audience, then started disrobing… Though it was pretty quick (no cavorting)… She even took her bra off (she had pasties on) – no photos of that though, as she grabbed her skirt, wrapped it around herself and  hurried away before hubby got a chance to take a snap 🙂


This was a gas-masked woman being lead around like an animal…  odd.. lol

Random people in the gaming/card playing area

Arty shot from the dark lounge/tearoom area into the counter.


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