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Steampump professional photos

The professional pics are up!  The photographer does an amazing job!  my (small top) hat goes off to him.  We’re allowed to use the photos, so I’ve saved them to the blog to save bandwidth on his site (we’re buying the shots too).

To be honest, I was a bit upset with all of mine…. I hate having my photo taken, so I never know what to do or how to stand, and without someone telling me what to do and to smile… I forget…. (also, in my defence, with the lightsaber ones, I was in the dark and had to move the saber at the right time, and I was concentrating!) and I don’t know if I can pull it off saying it’s not smiling for that whole Victorian “we don’t smile in photos” thing…  because without smiling I just look bored or angry…. Annoyingly, last year’s I looked at and felt depressed that I looked too fat… this year I think I look ok, except my face (I guess we’re never happy with anything, hey)… but I figured I’d put them up here, because I think my outfit looks cool, and I wanted to show off the lightsaber pic.  (very tempted to photoshop a smiling face on… or maybe a paper bag ;))  *sigh*

They are available in Colour or Sepia…  Go check out the photos!




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