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Star Wars Day

May the 4th is apparently Star Wars day…  see… “may the fourth be with you” – clever hey 😀

Well,it just so happened that my long lusted over Star Wars cookie cutters (that I’d been wanting for such a long time, but the online store that sells them doesn’t ship Internationally, and the friend I asked to get them procrastinated and ended up never buying them, so had to ask a few other people who said yes, but then never did, until finally one did and I got them!)… came a few weeks ago…

… and on May 4th I finally got around to making MiniObsi a Star Wars bento-ish lunch using them. (painted food colouring onto the cookie cutter details and stamped it into the bread).  Not particularly stunning, but she thought it was grand.

(I was going to make bread legs for R2, but I was in a hurry and couldn’t be arsed, so they are painted on [reminds me of that thing mothers say when you’re being lazy “are your legs painted on” heh])

Now… the interesting thing is… I had no idea it was Star Wars day when I made that!… (not sure how I missed that, living under a rock evidently!) until I got on facebook after dropping MiniObsi off at school, and seeing people talking about it.  MASSIVE COINCIDENCE!

See.. the Force really was with me!  Hahahaha  But then now knowing it was Star Wars day, I figured I had to tie [no pun intended] dinner in with the theme too… so I used the cookie cutters again, to make stamped detail on the top of pie lids!

Star Wars pies, for the win!


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