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Rainbow cake in a jar

…yes…. that’s what I said…. a rainbow cake….. in a jar!

I don’t know how I found the blog post, but I’m glad I did… and I cannot wait to think of an excuse to make some of these awesome *awesome* looking cakes.


Is that not the coolest thing ever!

I’d been saving our pasta sauce jars to fill with nuts to give as Xmas gifts… and I had been contemplating the cookie mix in a jar thing too… but this is so colourful and fun!  I think I’ll do this instead.  And you know the cool thing… it’s a cake you can eat without needing a plate!  So it’s practical too!

Could you imagine how cute those little jam jars (that you get in hotels and stuff) would be… as like a table setting thingie, or a wedding bonbonniere…

More cake-in-a-jar links:





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