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Party bento

I wasn’t going to post more bento things to this blog, as I’ve made a new blog for my bento.. but I thought I’d share this one I made last night.

Made for a gaming night snack for 4 people.  It amazingly took me 3 hours to make!  it soooo doesn’t look it lol.

Tuna & avocado sushi (made in the cool “inside out” way so the rice is on the outside), cherry tomato “ladybugs” on a bed of lettuce with some small pickled onion stars and grape flowers. Strawberry and Kiwifruit cut into flower shapes, apple bunnies (my first go at those!), Carrot and cucumber flowers, with “mini baby bell” cheese.  Centre is cabana supposed to look like flowers with a pea centre, but didn’t work as planned….. with a cup of choc-filled cookies.

Donna also requested octodogs, but they didn’t fit in this container, so I brought 2 of those in another container with a tiny mango jelly cup for each of us, and a container of pickled ginger, for the sushi.


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