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The importance of reading things properly!


So, I’m supposed to meet friends at 2:30…. I’m running late packing orders, and send a text saying I’ll be there at 3 (not a huge problem, it’s just so our kids can play together and we can catch up before school goes back – though I’m annoyed as I had vowed to myself I wouldn’t be late, as I *always* am)… so I finish working, race off to post office, then on my way….

Get stuck at like every red light along the way.. have to go through some road works on the main road – where it’s a bit chaotic with a lane closed and people trying to merge in….   Crawl through the annoying part of a town where it’s 40 because it’s got shops on either side (maybe people have had accidents there, I don’t know why it’s 40 — but it’s bloody annoying)….  Accidentally turn into the wrong street while discussing the street directory with MiniObsi (we left the melways in the back seat, and ever since she’s been fascinated to know where we’re going each trip we make)… and it’s only one street down from where I need to go, and it’s a slip road – but it’s a no through road, and I have to then go back onto the main road (after waiting for it to be clear) to go into the street I meant to….

Get to the house…. am concerned as to why my friends cars are not out the front… yes, I’m now an hour late but surely they haven’t gone yet (as we’re usually there for hours), and they can’t possibly be later than me….. and it *is* Friday, yes?   odd….  So we go ring the doorbell and wait….. and wait….  I have a horrible feeling,…. so I check my SMS again….


It’s not at *this* friend’s house we’re meeting at (clearly – since there is nobody here)….. this house that’s taken me half an hour to get to… (that.. I will say, in all fairness, is the house we generally always meet at) …… no…it’s not at this house….  we’re meeting at my other friend’s house – the one that is 2 streets away from mine *sigh*


So… back into the car, turn around…. drive back, again getting stuck at every.god.damned.set.of.lights – finally get to my friends place at 4…..

Good thing I have good friends who can all laugh at my misfortune and make me a well deserved cuppa when I finally turn up lol


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