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QLD Holiday – Day 2

Woke up at about 6am *blergh* – A combination of construction noise and the curtains being light coloured and not very thick, so the room was very bright… We tried to go back to sleep, but not very successfully.

MiniObsi and MrObsi went down to the beach for a swim/paddle, while I sat on the balcony and read 🙂

We decided to save a bit of money by taking lunch with us when we went out, so we made sandwiches and we’d brought our stainless steel drink bottles with us.  And we headed out again in the JEEP!


As you can see, the carpark we were in was fairly empty – which was good, as we were at Movieworld!  (advantage of going in winter, there aren’t as many people there, though the disadvantage was they had closed the loony tunes ride for maintenance 😦 )

We headed off for the Batman rise first, which MiniObsi loved.  Unfortunately when we went to go back for another go before we left, we were just about to go in (after having waited in line for a few mins) when they had to evacuate because something went wrong and they had to close the ride, which was a shame, but luckily MiniObsi wasn’t too upset.

Down main street (which is covered now, it wasn’t when I was there last [about 15 years ago]) they play music from movies… MiniObsi shrieked when she heard the Harry potter tune start up.  Though she didn’t recognise the Imperial March that played later on… I was horrified, especially since I was wearing my Stormtrooper Tshirt!

She was even more excited to see this:

A Harry Potter shop.  When we walked past first it wasn’t open, so we weren’t sure if it was just a fake shopfront or was an actual shop, but looking through the windows you could see regular shop stuff, so we figured it must open… we asked someone who happened to come out of a side door while we were there, but they didn’t know.  But it was open when we came back along the street, so MiniObsi got to go in and have a look (they sold some Harry Potter merchandise and things like toy dragons, spiders, bats and then some of the stuff they had in all the other shops, like jewellery)

This shop was apparently her favourite part of Movieworld…  *sigh*  She’s obsessed with Harry Potter at the moment.  Last week and this week they are doing a special thing in the newspaper, where if you buy the Herald Sun (which we don’t) you can pay $2 extra and get some post card things…  and the first issue had a folder for them all. We had to get mum to buy the paper for us while we were away… so it was a bit funny for Movieworld to have the Harry Potter shop.  Though I suppose it makes sense, given it’s a popular movie franchise.

It was probably their most ornate “set” type thing actually… it looked very cool.

The inside was packed with people… the shopkeeper (wearing just regular clothes sadly, would have been fun if she was dressed as a witch or something lol) had to tell people not to come in until people had gone out.

So.. anyway….  Then we went to the “Hollywood Stunt Show” – which used to be the Police Academy show when I was last there, but they have updated it for a modern audience 🙂  It was actually really good…. better than the Police Academy one.  The premise was that they were filming an action scene in a movie… and they had a mechanic guy being the clown type character that did stuff wrong and got in the way.  it was actually funny and there was was some AMAZING stunt driving that had you gasping just waiting for a crash.  Stuff like they had 2 police cars park nose-in to the barrier and the “bad guy” car spun in sideways between them, with about a foot to spare – all done really fast!  As we left they played a video of some crashes they had in the past!  Apparently nobody was ever injured but they lost 4 cars (or something like that).

Then we happened upon the Scooby Doo people standing outside the Scooby Doo ride.  MiniObsi was quite taken with them…

We were trying to decide if we should go on it – since I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too full on or not…  Where it is used to be the Gremlins ride, which was a theatre where you sat and watched bloopers, then you had to evacuate through the back because the Gremlins had taken over (and you then got on a little train thing that took you through tunnels of old film reels and things infested with animatronic Gremlins)… So I wasn’t sure if they just put it in a Scooby Doo setting, or completely redid the ride.  Luckily we decided not to risk it, as later we heard someone else say it was a very full on rollercoaster, and I’ve since seen a TV ad where it shows some of the inside, and it seems to be just an indoor scary rollercoaster, which isn’t my thing, and MiniObsi would have probably had a heart attack…. Since she cried on the water ride thing which we went on next in the “western” area.

Sadly they have got rid of the western show they used to do… they had a sort of saloon set and they would do a stunt show thing there… I think where that was is now a ride where you’re in a sort of minecart boat thing and you go into a mountain and then shoot out backwards, then float along a river thing and then go down a massive slope and get wet at the bottom – crying the whole way if you’re MiniObsi (poor thing, I hadn’t known it would scare her so much).

They did seem to have some sort of people in loony tune suit stage show happening somewhere around here, but we couldn’t find it in time…  They did also do a show of sorts just in the spot where that white sign board was… but it’s not raised, so by the time a few people gathered around, I could only barely see the tops of the performer’s heads, so we gave up trying to see anything and went and did something else.  A shame really, because other than a handful of people up the front, nobody could see anything…. a bit pointless.

We ate our lunch on the edging of the graveyard, which I found amusing 🙂 (we should have taken a photo though..)  Then MiniObsi got her photo taken on a wanted poster, but we rolled it up and put it in the side pocket of MrObsi’s backpack so it wouldn’t get crushed, but it fell out somewhere.  MiniObsi was good about it though, we offered her to have another one, but she said it was ok.  I think it probably fell out in the cinema when we were watching the 4D “journey to the centre of the earth” – which was a snippet from the movie, where you sit in seats that bump around a bit, spray water on you in some bits and poked something out to tickle your legs at a few points (which scared the crap out of me first go and scared MiniObsi so much she spent the rest of the movie with her legs crossed on the seat so it wouldn’t touch her again lol)

Next stop, the Loony Tunes area.  Which had an appropriately themed arch that MiniObsi loved – because it had feet..

The Loony Tunes area is mostly all new from when I was there last.  I think they had just put in the Taxi’s and had the main Loony Tunes ride.  Now they have a rollercoaster (we didn’t go on that), the Taxi ride (where you sit in a car and drive it around a track), a Tweety cage ride (sit in a birdcage and it goes up and around), a train ride, bumper cars and a ride like a very mild version of the rides where you go up a big tower and get dropped.

MiniObsi loved them all.  Pity the Loony Tunes ride was closed though 😦

The bit I think she liked best though, was this water fountain bit

(Our digital camera is old and doesn’t record sound unfortunately)

And.. some more random photos…


Moments after taking the pic of the cars, Austin Powers and Marilyn came to sit on one.  So we had to take a photo of them too

At the end of the day they had a parade.  MiniObsi got a spot at the front, so got to high-five everyone as they went past.  Of course, as with the Stunt Car show, and the 4D “Journey to the centre of the earth” movie, she had originally not wanted to watch them, but loved them and was glad we’d made her watch them.

Green Lantern and Wonder Woman didn’t come to our side of the crowd, but everyone else did.. Hawk Girl and the Flash had gone around on foot then got back on the float… as did Batman… There were a couple like Catwoman (who stopped to crack her whip and make all the men drool) and someone I assume was supposed to be Harley Quinn who just walked and didn’t stop for the crowd.. but most did.

I’d forgotten the song they had playing, which was rocking (I wanted to download it) – but I just watched the water fountain video I uploaded, and you’ll never believe it, but the next video suggestion thing that had was the song I was trying to remember!  (So it’s I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas… It came up for someone’s video of the movieworld parade)

It was a pretty good way to end the day.  It was actually at about 4 or something, so the park was still open after it, but it gave a good spot for tired parents to say “well it’s over now kiddies” heh

So then.. back in the JEEP!  and we were planning to have fish and chips by the beach, but it got dark by dinnertime, and it was a bit chilly… so we ate them in our apartment… then I pretty much went to bed because I was exhausted, a bit sunburned and my feet were sore from walking around all day (I had a blister and my shoes had rubbed the back of my heel)


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