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QLD Holiday – Day 3

Another horribly early morning (what happened to sleeping in on holidays!)… But that gave us enough time to pack lunch again and go to a really cool park we’d spotted just down from the hotel!  it was pirate themed.

There was a treasure map in the cave and X’s on stones that marked buried treasure in the sand. Very very cool.

Then unfortunately it was time to take the Jeep back.  Very sad…

(I didn’t really cry, but I did kiss it goodbye :D)

Then we caught the bus up to Seaworld.  If you’re ever going to the Gold Coast for a holiday, and will be taking public transport, I would recommend using their “go” cards (I think that’s what they are called) – I didn’t know what they were, but I figured something like the thing they were trying to get going in Melb… but I overheard a woman on the bus (at the end of our public transport journey) talking about it, and it seems you pay $5 for the card, but then the fares are much cheaper.

We probably ended up spending about $100 on bus and train tickets over 2 days!  We probably would have been much better off buying the cards had we known.  And we didn’t save that much by not having the car for that 3rd day.  The single ticket from Surfers to Seaworld was something like $15 for the 3 of us… for a 12 minute journey.  Then we got the bus back to Surfers (more bus fees) , had dinner there and the bus back to the hotel… which was about $20.. and it cost us about $50 for a bus and the train to Brisbane…  So quite expensive really.

Anyway – Seaworld!

Penguins are always cute!  We watched the dolphin show – MiniObsi didn’t want to, saying that it was being mean to the dolphins making them perform.  I tried explaining that it’s keeping them entertained too, and that RSPCA would make sure they weren’t being abused or harmed…. I think she still enjoyed it though

They stood on the dolphins noses and were taken around the pool, they even got lifted out of the water to stand on the stage by dolphin noses… awesome, but yeah I can see where MiniObsi’s concern comes in..  2 lucky girls were picked from the audience to go down and pat the dolphins.  MiniObsi was crushed she wasn’t picked (as was I lol)

Touch pools… you could touch sea stars and sea cucumbers (which MiniObsi wouldn’t, but they were freaky, like a furry marshmallow!  bizarre!!!)

They had a really huge underwater section, which photos cannot do justice at all… so many fish in there, and so many different and unusual ones.

Seaworld had a kiddy rides area too, with a Carousel, the same bouncy thing they had at Movieworld (but sesame st themed), and a weird thing where you pulled your chair up with a rope, then let it go and it slowly sank down and you went up again… and so on…  MrObsi went with her on that ride.

We watched a Sea Lion show, which was really aimed at kids, but wasn’t too boring for us adults.  MiniObsi again hadn’t wanted to watch it (*sigh*) but loved it and when I asked if she was glad I’d forced her to, she said yes 🙂

We had a ride on the monorail, not to take us anywhere, just to ride it 🙂  It was cool to see into places you couldn’t see from the ground.  Likewise with the Skyway gondolas (like a chairlift, but you sit in cars).

And the bigger penguins!  Their enclosure was full of poo, which turned MiniObsi off, but one of the penguins would walk back and forth and pose for the cameras!  it was very cute (by the way, it’s not a flash we used, it’s the reflection of the room lights on the glass) You could get right up close – much better than at Kelly Tarton’s in NZ – where you were in a train thing and still about a metre from the glass, so didn’t see them as clearly.

and then…. probably (in MiniObsi’s view) the best bit…  Castaway Bay!

(Photo taken from the monorail)

It’s a new section they have added, in a pirate theme… a large lagoon with tracks for boats to go around, and the boats and sections of the shore have water canons… so everyone shoots water at everyone, and you can get completely DRENCHED!  It was a little chilly for such drenching when we went, we did it once, and MiniObsi went on alone for a second go, but we found it too cold to be saturated.  Would be good in summer though.

The big square frame thing in the background is this climbing thing… you pay $10 to go on it, and wear a climbing harness, and then it’s all walking across thin beans and over stepping stones and trying not to fall off (we didn’t go on that)

it’s all fun and games until someone gets too many people from the shore squirting them, and starts to cry 😦

(We had to go around and ask the people on the shore to leave her alone a bit – being the only one on the boat, she got subjected to a bit too much squirting and it all got in her face and she couldn’t fight back)

The other part of Castaway Bay was this ENORMOUS climbing maze thing.  Made of 2 parts, one ropey bridge fort type thing, and one a bit like what you find in indoor play centres, with foam covered floors and wall bits….  all with a piratey theme.  I think it was actually too enormous though – it was impossible to supervise your kids in it, unless you went in with them… I don’t want to know how many youngsters get stuck in there and spend ages crying until someone notices and their parents come to find them…  but MiniObsi was fine.

As we were walking back to the entrance, we passed by the pools of dolphins.  There were a bunch of people standing around, laughing and stuff… so we went over to see what they were doing.  The dolphins were throwing seaweed at people, and when the people threw it back into the water, they would do it again!  and they were chattering at us, and swimming around showing off.  It was beautiful!  They were obviously just doing it for their own fun.

(no sound I’m afraid)

That was the best bit in my opinion!  it’s one thing to see dolphins in the wild, or doing tricks in a show – but to have them play with you of their own choice, when they could just ignore you or swim away – where you’re getting the chance to interact with them – beautiful… just beautiful!

Then we had to go – Bus back to Surfers, where we tried to find an old food court I used to know, but couldn’t work out if it was all remodelled and changed or if I couldn’t remember where it was… so we had Pizza, and then caught the bus back to the hotel (bus stop was conveniently just a few metres from the hotel!)  Where we all took turns in soaking in a nice hot bath to ease our aching feet!


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