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QLD Holiday – Day 4, 5 & 6

I’m lumping the rest together because we don’t have many pics and I don’t have as much to write.

Friday (day4)

We packed everything up and I took one last video of our view

We checked out, walked a block or so to a bus stop that would take us to the train station, and we caught a train to Brisbane.  We got in a lot of reading, and we’d luckily brought MiniObsi’s DS to keep her occupied.

My Father-in-law picked us up from the station and took us to our hotel.  There were a few of our family staying there – come up for my SIL’s housewarming, but some of us were there in secret, so surprise her.  Our room was probably bigger than the Palm Beach place, and more fancy, unfortunately no beach views though 🙂  But we did have a LOUD hen’s night party happening one night, that went on, and on… and someone with a VERY loud high pitched laugh (I assume part of that crowd)

MiniObsi did brave the pool, but it wasn’t heated so it was very cold.  She didn’t mind though, until her lips went blue and I insisted she needed to come out.

We were chilling out there while when I heard my Niece in the hallway, so we went out to say hello – I think they had just checked in (they were 2 rooms down the hall from us), so we offered to look after my niece while they went down to the supermarket to grab some things.  MiniObsi and MiniNiece had fun playing with their toys, and I even made them a cubby under the table 🙂 with hammocks for the toys

Then we walked down to the shops to buy a housewarming gift, got dressed into something nicer, and went to my SIL’s new place – where we waited for her to come home from having her hair done, and surprise her 😀  She was surprised!  Then she got more surprised when my BIL/SIL and Niece arrived a bit later to surprise her again 😀

MiniObsi was so tired by the time the party was in full swing that she took herself off and had a sleep on SIL’s bed!


We did manage a little sleep in!  about 7am I think lol –  Without construction noise and without the sun blaring in, we were able to sleep in a little, and go back to sleep.  Then at 10am we went over to help my SIL move from her old apartment to the new one (same complex – so that was handy)

Saturday night we’d planned to all go out to dinner.  We were introduced to another couple and their young child, but I admit I didn’t really pay attention to their names or who they were.  I knew they were friends of hubby’s Aunt, but I didn’t know anything about them…  Later on during the dinner, the guy came over to our end of the table to chat to us (he’d been sitting up the end with the “oldies” and we were up the “kids end”  – with the kids and I giess we’re kids of the “Oldies” haha)…  He mentioned his last name, and I remembered having gone to school in Tassie with someone with that surname (it’s fairly unusual)…. and he’s gone “well, I’m 35…”  – and I’ve looked at him closer and thought there was enough resemblance, could it possibly be the same guy !?!  so I’ve asked if he went to the school I’d gone to, and yes!  I had gone to school with him!

Turns out he knows my Cousin-in-law from the work they do, and he’s really close with my Aunt-in-law (as in she’s become his next of kin!), so she’d invited him to dinner that night because he’s just moved to Brisbane, so it was a chance for them to see eachother again.

Small world hey!

(and funnily enough, his wife’s name is my old name, before I changed it to Obsi – hah)

I feel a bit guilty because I embarrassed him though – infront of his wife!  – Before my brain had a chance to catch up and warn my mouth to stop, I did happen to say “I remember, you lifted the back of my skirt up with a ruler in computer class”…. apparently his wife said that’s still how he gets the girls (or something like that) haha – he commented a few times later in the evening that he wanted to go put money in the meter and not come back and stuff – so I’m not sure if it was all mock embarrassment, or if it was really actually embarrassing for him, but part of me thinks it’s karma anyway – since he did do that to a few of us girls, so.. payback 😛


Last day. We had to be out by 10, so we packed up and went to my inlaws room to plan what we were doing for the rest of the day – we were going to meet up with my SIL at southbank at about 2:30, so we needed to think of what to do in the meantime.  We decided on going to the botanical gardens.  So my FIL dropped us off there.  There was this weird viney tree growing on the outside, we had to photograph it.

We walked down the block a bit and bought subway for lunch and a new book for hubby.  He hadn’t been as prepared as me, since he thought his book was big enough – but he’d finished it… so needed a new one. I’d been prepared and brought 3! – and I ended up going through them all during the trip too (except one final chapter that I finished while waiting to pink MiniObsi up at school this afternoon)  So we ate our subway salad rolls in the botanical gardens, and had a little wander around.

It wasn’t as big or exciting as I’d hoped, so even after MiniObsi had played for a while in the playground, we decided to wander over to Southbank early, as I knew there was a pool sort of area there, and I figured we could waste time there.  So we did.

The pool area is beautiful! MiniObsi hadn’t brought bathers, so I managed to convince her it was ok for her to go in wearing her undies and singlet top!  (they looked almost bikini like anyway) She wouldn’t let me photograph that though 🙂

So after a little swim, we sat on the grass bank to let her dry off a bit, then we met up with SIL and her friends, and we had a little look around the markets, and got a YUMMY corn cobb snack to eat.  MiniObsi bought a fairy ring and fairy wishes pack (with thanks from her Aunty!), which she was happy with.

Then we walked to the dock thing to take the Cat back to SIL’s place.  Stopping off to look at the Nepalese temple thing that was from Expo (unfortunately it was open when we’d walked past the first time, but was now closed).

Hubby and I decided to brave the cold and stand on the outside deck, watching the sunset as we departed the city – just lovely!

Then a short walk back to SIL’s place, we ordered takeaway (Chinese), and got a lift to the airport.  One of my fave shows, Castle, was going to be on as we boarded the flight (typical :P)

We were supposed to land in Melb at 12:10… but we were told (mid flight) that the runway was closed, and that we would have to be delayed for 20 mins…. great….  when we did land, we were just on the tarmac, not brought up to the terminal, which was weird…  So then we had to walk a bit to get back into the termal proper and get to the baggage claim…. That took forever, with weird sirens blaring… but finally the bags came out (ours was 3rd out, which was a bonus) – so then onto the bus stop to get the shuttle to the carpark…

HALF AN HOUR it took for the shuttle!  One bus came, but was already full, so could only take a few people then it left the rest of us, and 3 staff only buses went past in that time – all virtually empty…  The one that finally picked us up was marked as being not in service, but I don’t know if they saw the line of angry looking people, or if he was intending to stop, but he did pick us up….  then of course we’d parked in section B, and I’d hoped that meat we’d be the 2nd dropoff… but no…  they drove all the way to I to start offloading *sigh*….

So it was about 1:45 by the time we got to our car…. then we had our long drive home, though I think that actually ended up being quicker given the lack of traffic… so it was about 3am by the time we finally got into bed.  So I decided MiniObsi was going to have the next day off – as it is she slept in until 11am!  Poor tired little sausage she was!

— so that was our holiday!  😀  Fun but tiring!!!


One thought on “QLD Holiday – Day 4, 5 & 6

  1. Hey obsi & fam,
    Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday..
    The weird viney looking trees are called “Moreton Bay Figs” or ficus macrophyllia – that’s their tap roots.. LOTS of fun to climb! 🙂

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