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Hahahaaha – Poo!

Not sure if any of you follow EPBOT – it’s a blog by the woman (or more specifically I guess “people”, as her hubby helps) who does Cake Wrecks, where she blogs about more personal stuff (which is geeky and cool!  as well as amusing and entertaining)

Well a few months ago it was her birthday… so I thought that since I’d e-mailed her once to let her know there was a virus issue with her banner ads, and her hubby and I had sent a few e-mails back and forth talking about that and chatting about Australia… and because she’s very cool and entertaining, I kinda felt like I should send her a little something to mark the momentous occasion…in that ‘you feel like you know a complete stranger because you read their blog’… kind of way…

So I e-mailed to ask for her postal address, and was told (by her hubby):

“One might also heed warnings that poo is a frowned upon gift, were one to wish to send some.”

Now… you all know me….

(and if you’re reading this Sam, I of course thought of you!)

So I immediately set about trying to obtain some poo related things, so that I could send her some poo – just because she specifically said not to, and because if I then did, that would be funny (to me at least)

Thanks ebay and your assortment of odd poo stuff to buy…. I settled on the poo notepad, a poo phone dangle thing and some poo stickers.   It got a bit delayed because one of the monkey stickers wasn’t in the package, so I had to wait for them to send another…. from overseas…. I also had to haggle with the roo poo people, because they wanted $9 postage for a piece of paper (because their standard postage method was by courier)…  I believe I facebook grumbled about their “crap” customer service (heh)…. but eventually I got them to see reason and just chuck it in an envelope and post it via AP…  (because being able to say I’ve written the letter on poo, was just too funny an opportunity to pass up!  but paying that much for it was drawing the line)   So I gathered it all together, and mailed it off… wondering how it would be received…

When I checked my mailbox on Monday, I’d had a card from her, which was lovely.  I certainly wasn’t expecting a thank you card (and I got a little epbot robot badge too *aww*)…

She writes “I never expected mailed fecal matter to make my day” – Hahahahaa

…and then today she posted about it



One thought on “Hahahaaha – Poo!

  1. I seent hat button on your sidebar yesterday and forgot to follow it and check it out!

    I followed the link from NC today though and left her a comment.

    You’re a mad snake Obsi!

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