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Shelfy thing…

I like those little shelfy things people have – with little things on them…. Usually people use an antique printer’s typesetting tray – but those are INSANELY EXPENSIVE…. so when I saw this crappy little knick knack shelf at an op shop, for about $5, I figured it would do.

So I went out and got some scrapbooking papers, and some cool wooden swirly things (painted those a greeny goldy colour),

… and painted the front of the shelf from that horrible pink, to an antique gold..  Then discovered my bottles didn’t all fit in, and there were only 2 tall shelves… so I had to get a hacksaw blade (the naked blade mind you, the hacksaw wouldn’t fit) and painstakingly saw 2 shelves off to make 2 tall ones…. put it all together, added a few old bottles and things… and voila!


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