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Stalked by Suess

How’s this for a bit weird….

So I’m in the fabric store on Monday and I see they have Dr Seuss fabric – “neat!” I say, so I buy half a metre (I was practicing some self control) of 3 of the different ones they have, to make some pads with….

(which are for sale by the way 😉 check out my stores)

Then on Wed in a gaming group I’m in, 2 of the players have just completed their PHD, so we decided to have a bit of a Doctor special… where we all changed our game names to something Dr related… so since I’d been cutting out that fabric that day, so it was the first Dr name that came to mind… I called myself  “Dr Seuss”

Then last night (Thurs) in the game (TF2), someone commented on someone’s hat, and he commented that he’d bought it because he really liked it.  Which made me think of this particular hat I’ve been wanting to get since it came out… so I thought next time I die, I’ll have a quick look in the shop and see how much it is, and contemplate buying it  –  even though I’m generally against the idea of wasting actual money for in game items – especially since it’s for a class (character) I don’t usually play… but I thought if it was cheap enough, I’d consider it – since I’d been waiting forever to see if I could find one, and it was not likely to happen… and it was the hat I most wanted to get…. but I forgot to go look…

But then like half an hour later, I got a random hat drop (which means that when you play that game, randomly, every now and then, the game gives you something – usually weapons you already have… but *INCREDIBLY rarely* you’ll be lucky enough to get a hat)….  and of all the hats I got…. I got that hat I’d been desperately wanting!!…

… and you know what hat it was….

the Dr Seuss hat!


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