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ok – fess up….. who sent me a photo?

So I open my mail today…. I have en envelope, addressed to “Obsidian”, and my post office box address… no return address….. I open it, inside is a photo, nothing else.

No writing on the back… nothing.

…. The photo….

… is not anyone I recognise….

I mean, it’s kinda cool and all…I’ve been staring at it so long now I almost do feel like I know them 😀

am I supposed to know who it is?  (I feel bad)  Was there a reason to send me this photo?  Why no message telling me about it?  Is it some new gag thing – post a random photo to someone for no reason (if so, it’s kinda funny).??

I don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I first thought it was my sister, since she just came back from Bali…. I thought perhaps it was a joke…. but it was postmarked while she was in Bali, from Vic (a town I don’t think I know anyone from)….. so it wasn’t her (I even called to check)…

Then the only other thing I could think of was that a few months ago I posted some pads to an Australian woman who was taking them to Cambodia…  (which could be where the photo is from) but I don’t know why she would send me a random photo as a thank you, without actually saying thank you… and the address I posted them to is nowhere near where this photo was posted from…. and if you were going to post someone a “thank you” photo because they donated pads, I’d have thought it would be of the women and the pads, not a “taken from a car” random people sort of picture.

So I’m officially stumped. Who sent me this random photo!?!

What does it mean?!?!

I have decided though, that for a laugh, I would love to just take a few random photos of things – people’s feet.. a tree…. a bucket maybe….  a car wheel…  and then just post them off to people… anonymously… with no note… to pass on the bewildering joy that is random photo posting.

I swear to God, I’m going to frame it and put a plaque under it,

“The Random Photo”

— edit —

…. I found out!… it was the Cambodian pad donation.  They sent out thank you notes and photos…. it would seem the accompanying note didn’t make it into my envelope.

Which is cool… but a little disappointing now.  The mystery was exciting!  I’m going to pretend it was a psychopathic secret admirer or something..


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