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Portally Goodness

I saw a link to this today, which is awesome.  A guy hired someone to make a portal map, even getting the woman to voice GLaDOS!  To propose to his girlfriend.  Aww!

And of course by coincidence, I happened to be wearing my new portal Tshirt (which *finally* arrived last week, along with my Zelda one)…. as I was the day before, and will tomorrow too – coz I’m a slob and will wear it all week or until it gets something spilt on it 😀

They took a phenomenal amount of time to ship my order, but the quality is fantastic, so I do recommend them (unlike the “Serenity in flight” shirt I bought from Think Geek which the printed design started coming off the very first time I wore it (I hadn’t even washed it yet), which I wasn’t particularly impressed about (lucky the design will allow for a slightly “weathered” look) – Speaking of Think Geek… someone needs to buy me this!

But wait… that’s not all!  Can’t just wear a portal Tshirt, no…  I saw a link to these earrings a couple of weeks ago and had to get them.  Then MiniObsi wanted some, some I’ve ordered another set for her birthday – coz I’m a cool mum

(I also bought their Hyrule Coat of Arms, so I can wear that with my Zelda shirt next week :D… because that’s cool AND plastic, so replacing the metal necklace bit for leather thonging and I have a metal-free necklace… sweet!)

And to complete the theme (just because I happened to have already bought it)  I popped on a bit of “Enrichment Centre” eyeshadow from Shiro 🙂


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