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Minecraft Cake

I saw some minecraft cakes, and I thought I’d have a go… and Father’s day gave the perfect excuse to make one.

So, I started with making coloured icing to make the “ore” and stuff that’s hidden in the stone… as I’d planned to make the bottom of the cake grey, to look like stone.  So the idea was when you cut into it, you’ll find something 🙂

Unfortunately I discovered that icing melts inside a cake, so my idea didn’t go as planned 😦  Maybe jelly beans would have been a better idea.

If you’re dying icing though, a tip for you…  knead it in some plastic wrap… saves you getting food colouring on your hands.  If you’re making it brightly coloured, your icing will end up really sticky, so leave it dry out a bit.

So, after a while… a long while… I had my collection of icing ore, ready to go in the cake.

Diamonds, gold, redstone, iron and coal.

I tried making the cake grey…. probably should have made it darker… I laid out a thin layer of cakemix and put the icing-ore on top.

Then I put another layer of cakemix and more ore. I figured each slice should have a goodie inside, so there’s lots.  This size pan I think is a roasting dish and I used a double quantity of cake mix for it.

Though after baking I realised the icing melted, so it’s not as nicely defined as I’d planned.  If I was going to make one again (which I doubt, lol) I’d try using mini M&Ms or jellybeans.  But nevermind, you still get the effect

I wanted to make some cobblestone blocks.  The intention was to make a few blocks, with a door and a window (clear jelly block) to represent someone starting to build a house.  But it proved too annoying to make the blocks, so I only made 2, my icing door broke when I peeled it off the plate.. so I gave up with the idea.

I had also intended to make a tree using a “flake” chocolate bar as the trunk… but I couldn’t think of what would be light enough to make the leaves without causing issues… I was going to make green marshmallow, but in the end I couldn’t be bothered with that either.

The blocks though… (which are each meant to be 2 blocks, I couldn’t be bothered making 2 separate ones)  they were small pieces of cake, smothered in jam and covered in rolled out icing.  I forgot to take a photo of it fully covered, but it was a pathetic job, so it’s better I didn’t 😀  At least the cobblestone markings hide the lumpy cake!

Now… onto assembling the cake!  First goes the grey stone layer, which is spread with jam and cream.  (just to stick everything together and make it yummier)

Then a “dirt” layer (chocolate cake)

Then a “sand” layer (lemon flavoured)

Then I’d made a choc-vanilla cake for a second tier (I made the mix, divided it into 2, added cocoa to one half and spooned it into the caketin.  As it turns out my guestimate of half was out, but that’s actually ended up perfectly.

(there’s some dirt in the sand *gasp* don’t tell anyone!)

Cake assembled… looks like a mess though 🙂

The “grass” part is now iced… starting to take shape.

Blue jelly (set with extra gelatine) to make some water.

Colouring the coconut.  You just add a few drops of food colouring to coconut and mix it all in with a spoon.  When I sprinkled the first bit on the cake I realised it was too light, but I couldn’t be bothered doing anything about it. (same thing happened with the “sand” too *sigh*) So I’d suggest going a bit darker than you think.  I ended up adding some sprinkles too, to give it a bit of extra colour.

— I forgot to take photos of icing the “sand” or putting the water in —

Finished cake

(MiniObsi decided on placement of the cobble/cake/pumpkin)

We’ve got grass, sand, water and snow


Now, the cutting…. While my icing idea for the ore didn’t work exactly as planned, you can still see it… so that’s ok

Got some diamond, coal, iron and redstone in this piece…

There is actually gold there too, you can *just* see it above the redstone, but it disappeared into the cake too much to really see.. Definitely need something else to use instead of spending hours making icing blobs that just melt..


3 thoughts on “Minecraft Cake

  1. Great idea!! Best one I’ve found yet and I am going to use this as my stepping block for making my sons birthday cake, with a few tweaks!!

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