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Purple cakes of WIN!

I’ve been a fan of purple carrots since I found them in my supermarket, but I was disappointed that when baked in a cake they seemed to go blue – I presume due to some chemical change  – I’ve read that you can make pink, purple and blue natural food colour by adding vinegar (pink) or baking soda (blue) to water that you’ve boiled purple cabbage in… So I’m presuming the baking soda in the flour is what makes the purple carrot go blue.

Anyway, last night I made some, and while they did initially go blue, this morning they were purple!  WOOT!

Also, delicious! (so recipe at the end)

In the bowl… lovely!

For once I didn’t alternate my cupcake cups and just put them in the pan in whatever order they were in the stack -it messes with my head not being in an even pattern (blue-pink-blue-pink-blue etc.), but I was in a hurry to bake them so I could go to bed.

Last night – blue 😦

Today, purple!

I should have used the same plate so you could tell it’s not just a platey affect making it seem more purpley.. I swear, it did actually change colour overnight!

Recipe… (of sorts)…

What I do is make my standard cake mix, and then just chuck extra stuff in, and adjust the moisture as required, so there is no set recipe as such…

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar (I tend to use raw)
2 cups SR flour
2 eggs
Some milk *

2 purple carrots, grated
Some coconut
Some linseed meal (ground linseeds)
Some vanilla essence
Some ground cinnamon
Some ground cloves
Some ground nutmeg

* The recipe I got that basic mix recipe from said to use 1/2 a cup of milk but I find that’s not enough, so I just keep adding until it’s the right consistency.  You want it slightly firm, but not too dry.  So  in total I probably use about 1/3c maybe… for this cake though, with the added coconut and linseeds I used maybe 1 cup.

I actually use powdered milk for making cakes, coz it’s easy to keep powder on hand for cooking so you’re not using the drinking milk up…  I always just mix about 2tb of powder in with the water (or just pour some from the container into the cakemix :D), so it’s probably more creamy than using milk.

“Cream” the butter and sugar (mix those together until it goes pale and smooth), then add in one egg, beat that in, then add the other egg, beat that in.  Add 1 cup of flour and about 1/4 cup of milk, beat that well.  Then add the other cup of flour and 1/4 cup of milk, beat that in.  Add extra milk in if you need…

Then add in the grated carrot, about 1/2 cup of coconut, about 1/4 cup linseed meal (you could use the almond/linseed meal stuff instead), about a tb of cinnamon, about a tsp of cloves and maybe a teaspoon and a half of nutmeg – that’s really to taste, and I just shake the container in and guesstimate what will taste good 😀  And a splash of vanilla essence… perhaps a tablespoon?  Sometimes I use the natural vanilla extract which is stronger (and better), so I’d use less (maybe a teaspoon and a half?), sometimes I use the imitation stuff….

Add more milk as needed and mix it all up into a cakemixey type consistency… spoon into muffin cups, bake around 20-25 mins…  they are super yummy while still warm, but good cold too.

I never bother to ice cakes like this… so they become a sort of mini muffin.


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