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Birthday Bento

I’ve switched to posting all my bento stuff on a different blog, but I wanted to share a special bento I made for MiniObsi’s 8th birthday!

Sticking all those sesame seeds on, and moving them into the right positions, took a phenomenally long time!

Top is boiled eggs with some coloured noodles I bought from a Japanese store, nori eyes, ham cheeks and “rollup” (fruit leather) mouth (though that melted with the moisture, so I’ll have to remember that next time)…  with carrot, kiwifruit and blueberries. Bottom tier is rice with tuna and sesame seeds, with coloured cheese and pea pod bits.

And I wrote a birthday message in rollup… and it’s in her special Monster High bento box – made by taking an otherwise boring bento box, printing out a pic of her favourite character on sticker paper, cutting it out and sticking it to the lid – then covering it with clear packing tape, to make it a bit more durable.


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