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Matchbox Advent calendar

MiniObsi likes advent calendars – who wouldn’t really…. but the choc they use in the cheap ones is terrible, and I’m all about the reusable things… so I’m making a matchbox one.  I’m going to go with the style for the first pic below I think.  I’ll get some Xmas mini M7Ms to put in there or something. I haven’t made it yet, but I’ll blog when I do 🙂  (mine won’t look as nifty as these, I can guarantee it, but that’s ok)

So, here’s my inspiration…. as I know it might inspire some of you too!




One for the more sleek minimalist:

I really like this, though as an advent calendar rummaging for the right day would be irritating, but I can imagine it being a lovely idea for a baby shower or even on the Xmas table or something, where each matchbox holds a little something for each guest.




This idea is awesome, and I’m so doing it!  – as an alternative to the crackers that have silly jokes and hats nobody wears…. this can be passed around, might be cool.  But you could do it as an advent calendar.


And this is gorgeous!  It’s a hanger with # of buttons for what day it is.  I love it!  (and it’s teaching kids counting too!!)


And this one is really cute – bubblewrap! (except who can stop at just one)



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