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Our Family

You know those “my family” stickers people have on their cars… well I think they are kinda cute, but sooooooo many people have them, I didn’t want to just join the masses…. and hubby has a strict no adornment policy for the car.  But when I found these Star Wars versions, I just had to get them!


They arrived yesterday, I put them on today 😀 😀 😀


of course that got me thinking that since our car is white and black, how awesome would it look if we had a huge Stormtrooper helmet on the bonnet 😀  But I did buy some carlashes…. which just make me giggle.  Which hubby has already said no to (before I even bought them, secretly)…. but I’m hoping I can find a way to put them on with a magnet or something, so I can take them off when he drives the car…


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