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The “Textile MacGyver” Award

So I’m in a gaming group, and we not only game, but we have great chats and shenanigans over voice coms and in our forum too… and every year we have an awards night, where we celebrate the work, good deeds and hilarity that has happened through the year.

Much to my surprise (and great honour), I was awarded the “Textile MacGyver” Award 😀

The description of my award was thus (I’ve linked to the bits they were talking about for reference):

The “Textile MacGyver” Award for Pure Creativity goes to Obsi, in recognition not only for her pure creativity, but of her ability to turn the idle talk of drunk video gamers into real objects that make you proud to be a human being. If all she had ever invented was the postable candy bento, Obsi’s reputation would be beyond repute. But she also turned Wusker’s idle verbal diarrhea into a real life bacon pad. And her attempt to MacGyver a backlit purple keyboard was foiled only by cruel cruel fate. A true genius who can make anything into something, or at least make anything into something purple, Obsi should be recognized in her true capacity as TOG TF2’s fabrication laboratory.

I’m honoured and touched!


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