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White Xmas….

So… interesting Xmas this year 😀

It started out as a hot humid day, with air-conditioning going full pelt… then we get in the car and drive out to have dinner with the other side of the family, and I see what I thought was white pebbles by the side of the road…. Odd… then I saw more…. they can’t be pebbles – but it’s still quite warm, it can’t possibly be hail….

ohh yes it was!  We’d just missed a hail storm

We didn’t miss the flooding though….  a fair amount of water on the roads, and a few places they had police out blocking off lanes..

The drive normally takes 45 mins… it took about an hour and a half….  With the water and people driving carefully, the freeway was crawling along.

The police had blocked off one lane on that side due to flooding.  We weren’t sure we’d be able to get back along that road…. but the water was gone by the time we drove back… though we did see big hoses and SES guys, so I’m wondering if they pumped it out… since it’s a major road

You can see the white on the oval – it’s hailstones.  And this was about 15 mins after it hailed.

The streets (and several cars that went past) were covered in leaf bits, and you could see where the water had washed over the roads…. I couldn’t really take pics as we were driving, but this is as we slowed to turn into a street… this street was quite clear compared to the road we’d turned off!

MiniObsi shows one of the hailstones (again, take into consideration that it had hailed about 15 mins before we got there).  You can see more of the leaves that the hail broke off.

As we were driving there, we were discussing whether the round about would be flooded…. MiniObsi was concerned we’d have nowhere dry to park if it was… I said that if we couldn’t find parking up the street then it would mean the house we were going to would be underwater and we’d be using snorkles to eat dinner.

When we got there, that roundabout wasn’t flooded at all… in only about 10 mins the rain came down heavily again and it started to flood.

Which was when the hail started again, and since some of the people who had been in the earlier hailstorm had their cars damaged, MrObsi and I raced out to throw our picnic rugs onto the car to protect it….  We got quite drenched… MrObsi luckily got a new tshirt as one of his presents, so that was fortunate… I had to stay damp 😦

We stood on the porch looking at the parked fancy car… saying that we wouldn’t want that to be our car… and that the owner must be away…

We watched as within minutes the water had risen from just below the bottom of the body of that fancy car, to being well and truly at “seeping in through the door” level…

The water was running down the street…. Unfortunately photos don’t really show how much water there really was…

The dude who owned that car came out… he was there all along!  Apparently he’d been “occupied” with a lady friend…. who I must say, must have been quite talented… for him to have chosen her over saving his car….

Amazingly, he got in the car (letting more water inside) and managed to drive it up the hill to dry land…. it was billowing plumes of smoke though, it did not look healthy… but then he parked and went back inside.  The fellas we were with said he should have driven it around to dry it out… but I guess the lady friend was waiting for him…

It was quite funny to see the cars get to the round about and stop… obviously considering if they should attempt to go up or not…   Similarly we could see card come down the hill, stop and reverse back.  2 cars decided to brave it coming down the hill, one hylux and one 4WD… both drove up onto the left hand footpath to do it though…  A bit later on when the water had gone down a bit a couple of other cars came down the hill successfully…

One tried to make it up… and stopped halfway.  Whether they conked out or stopped we don’t know.

They stayed in the car for a while, then a woman climbed out the passenger window, and was fiddling with the rear window – we realised then that there were kids in the car with her.  Luckily there were a lot of people around and they came over as she was pulling one kid through the window, they took the child and carried it to the other side of the road (where someone happened to have a towel they were using to keep themselves dry), and went back to help her carry the other child out….

They all walked down the street, so I assume they sheltered them for a few hours until the water went down a bit, and they pushed the car up out of the water.  They had left it with the window open though, so it’s going to be a bit moist inside for sure!

The water was knee deep in the deepest part…

Then some idiot parked, got out and walked around for about 15 mins in the water, slipped over on that right hand side road but couldn’t get up because he had an umbrella that he was waving around catching it in the water (and because the water was running fast).. he ended up sliding down the hill (it doesn’t look like much of a hill but it is)…. and we were a bit concerned he was going to get into trouble (though he seemed to be waving to people as he slid), but someone waded in and grabbed him by the hand and pulled him out… we think he was wasted though…  Luckily he eventually got back into his car and drove off, before he could drown himself or something.

So something a bit interesting this Xmas evening!


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