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Xmas goodies

I was very spoiled this year (as all years really)…

(I think that’s everything, we haven’t fully unpacked yet)

MiniObsi made me a bed (from icypole sticks)… since I like to sleep in 😀  which has a chest of drawers with an alarm clock that has a power cord and she made a powerpoint on the back of the drawers (love detail like that!).  In the drawers were 2 LEGO minifigs, Luminara (who I’d desperately wanted!) and an Imperial Guard

Mum and dad gave me a juicer (which I’ve wanted for YEARS!)  and some chokkies…

Hubby gave me some portal socks, MacGyver DVD, LEGO pirates game, Undead Nightmare game, Zelda game, 2 Star Wars novels and the cutest thing – he made me peg dolls of Nathan Fillion (as Castle and Mal) so I can perve on them LMAO!

The Inlaws gave me some purple cons!  and some groovy soft woollen socks and a very awesome spicy drawer sachet (so my socks and undies can all smell like chai! haha)

From my BIL/SILs I got another MacGyver DVD (now I have the entire set), Dark Angel DVD set, Xmas apron and plate, and a pack of chocs and stuff (not pictured – which I have to share with hubby :))

And at our pre-xmas xmas lunch I got Big Bang Theory DVD, so I’m including it here.

And we got a gift voucher for the family, which we’re going to use to go towards buying the Star Wars blueray set!  (woot!)


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