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Minecraftyness.. part 4

My Minecraft temple complex is finally finished!

It’s a bit graphic intense 😀  I’m a bit proud of it

Now with added youtubeyness!

So here’s more or less what I started with.  I chose a forest just because I felt bad taking a flat plain, only to dig a big hole in it…  I ended up clearing most trees by hand in survival mode (I couldn’t see all that wood go to waste, figuring I’d do some survival stuff after I finished building this)… and I wanted to build up the edges of the land, with solid blocks so I don’t get mobs spawning in there.

(the sand blocks were to help me count by 5’s to make sure the place was square… and I still managed to stuff up and make it not square *sigh*)

Then came the fun with TNT… I had 3 other people help me blast the big hole… Not that I needed help, but when you’re using copious amounts of TNT to make a big hole on a multiplayer server, everyone wants to join in 😀  There was plenty of “‘splody fun” for all!

Then came the laborious task of carving out the tiers.  Since TNT is no good for fine work, there were HOURS and HOURS of work removing block by block.  Luckily again I had help, or I doubt I’d ever have finished it!

I had a basic plan of “make a big square hole with a Goddess statue in the middle and tiers with houses carved into the walls” plan….  I didn’t plan out the size or how I was going to actually do it, so it just grew and taking shape as I went, with no real plan.

Though that meant that after the hole was made I realised it was way too small scale for the statue in the centre I’d originally planned (which I had actually planned out in minecraft structure planner) – So I decided to leave it empty, and not to put houses into the walls.  I think it worked out better anyway.

I had originally thought the stairs would go straight down, but I realised early on that to go down so deep I wouldn’t be able to make them straight, because they weren’t steep enough… so I’ve had to make them how I’ve done them… going down in stages.  But I think that probably looks cooler than just plain stairs anyway.

Funny how things end out not how you’d originally intended, but actually a lot better than it would have been had everything turned out.

The stairs down are behind/under the stairs you can see.

The bottom has a sort of trellis thing… I’ve been experimenting with using fences for various different effects.

It looks quite pretty at night

Then I decided it needed a fancy outer wall… which we (the friend who was helping) and I ended up having to move, because I’d not planned the wall, and I wanted a specific pattern, so we had to fiddle around a lot to make it fit.  (As it happens, we forgot to move one wall, so one side is not the same as the rest, but it was too much effort to correct it once I realised)

I’d been playing around making a building on my local server, so I wanted to build the same thing here, I was toying with the idea of making one as a sort of entrance gate… but then I decided to build one in each corner.

(love the sunsets!)

The plan was to have a water moat around each, but one corner of the land was in the swamp, so the water changed to swamp water in the moat and looked weird… so I decided I’d have to make that corner (and the opposite one) lava.  Then I decided I should make each building a “temple” for each of the 4 elements.

(again necessity of design making a better result than planned!)

I was going to have a village around the top, but I hadn’t really left enough room, so I’ve scrapped that idea.

Unfortunately we had issues with the server host so had to change hosts… and we ended up having to use an older backup when we moved, so I had 3 temples finished and I’d edged all the paths in nether brick, but the backup was when I only had 2 done and no path edging, so that had to be redone. Grr!

But… I got it completed tonight!  Well, this stage anyway..

Each “temple” is the same, except for the colour of the open level, and the outside garden sort of thing.  “Fire” temple has fire (red wool)…  “Water” temple has water (blue wool), “Earth” temple has long grass (green wool) and “air” temple has nothing&glowstone (sandstone) 🙂

And the entrance gates


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