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MiniObsi has been doing Karate, and loving it… which is great 🙂 Especially since I wasn’t sure she was going to like it… since she’s kinda (if I’m honest)… a bit of a princess…. she doesn’t like pain or sports of any kind, she generally refuses to wear anything but dresses…. she really wanted to do ballet….  Not really the sort of person I’d have thought would have been into the idea of Karate (but someone I think would greatly benefit from it).. so since I’ve always wanted to do a martial art of some kind, but I’m too unco, lazy and have crappy knees… I figured I’d encourage her to do it instead 😀

The first lesson, she was thrown in the deep end a bit, and there were some tears, and I was sure she wouldn’t want to go back, but surprisingly she did!  And it’s something she looks forward to.  Weirdly enough, she really enjoys the sparring!  Though I have to wonder if that will change once she gets high enough level to need to actually kick and punch (and therefore being kicked and punched) and not just tapping knees and shoulders… but we’ll see.

And she’s very excited now she’s got her yellow tips!  WOOT!

And she got that on the same day as she got “student of the week” at school.  So she was mega pleased with herself (and with good reason :D)


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