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Not really impressed with my Star Wars Earrings…

A couple of weeks ago I bought some of the “Her Universe” Alliance Earrings, from Think Geek.

I’ve worn them *3 times* –  not in the pool or anything that you’d expect them to be damaged from, and look at them:

The black finish is coming off….  😦

Not really good enough!   If I rub my fingers over it, more of the black stuff just rubs off.  I don’t even have to use a fingernail to scratch it, it’s just rubbing off…  I could handle it rubbing off on the posts, since you can’t really see it, and it’s subjected to wear as you put it through the holes I suppose…. but it’s coming off the dangly charm part, and that just makes them look old and crappy.

$25 isn’t really expensive for a pair of earrings, but it’s not cheap either, and I would have expected better quality from a proper brand like this (hell, I’d expect better quality from a cheap pair of earrings off ebay or something).  If you’re going to make black earrings…make them stay black!  or just make them silver.  Don’t make them start to look crap after someone wears them 3 times!

So then I thought, no big deal…. I’d have preferred them to be silver anyway, as all my other jewellery is silver…. so since the black stuff comes off easily, and it looks like it’s silver metal under there –  I’ll just scratch it all off and have them as silver earrings…  right?  …..  So I get to work on one of them, notice it’s a lovely coppery colour underneath – ok, I was expecting silver but that’s kinda pretty, I can live with copper…..  I work on the other one…. Hmmmmm…. the 2 earrings are different coloured metals!   One is a sort of coppery colour, one is a more brassy colour.


So now what? I guess I’ve sort of ruined them now, but then they were already ruined, since one more wearing and they would have looked really gross anyway, so really I saw removing the black as my only option, and now I’m going to have to think of something else, because I still can’t wear them like this now!

Do I buy another pair in the hope that I can scratch the paint off those and end up with at least one pair of matching metal (they might be the same metal as the copper, or the brass, or might be also one of each so I can make them into matching pairs?)……..  or paint them with something myself (which would have to be opaque to cover the different colour bases, and durable)  URGH!

— update —

I e-mailed both Think Geek (just to give them the heads-up, since I know it’s not their fault, but they should know), and Her Universe…. and I got a reply from both….

Think Geek were fantastic and offered a replacement straight away – but I told them I didn’t need a replacement, but thanked them for the offer.  I actually got 2 replies from Her Universe…. one apologising, saying:

“Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein takes any complaints very seriously and we are looking into why the black finish has been rubbing off on your pair of earrings with the jewelry vendor. Quality is of the utmost importance to us. Nevertheless, Ashley wants to send you another pair of earrings”

The other reply from Her Universe was from someone else just saying that since I bought them from Think Geek I’d have to contact them for a refund :/

I wasn’t actually after a refund or anything, I just wanted to let them know, so that they could fix it, so that other people wouldn’t have to be disappointed after the black finish on  their earrings started coming off….  But then I was also expecting to be able to just scratch the black off and still be able to wear them, but now they are a miss-matched pair. Because they are awesome earrings, and I really do like them – if only they were made better.

So I decided that since Her Universe offered a replacement, I’d accept.

— update #2 (March) —

Well, Since e-mailing the guy back, showing him this post (so he could see the earrings after I’d taken the paint off) – and accepting the offer of a replacement pair.

I’d also asked about the 2 e-mails I’d got, where one offered the replacement and the other had said to go to Think Geek – asking which one was the right e-mail and if they were still going to send me the replacement – I’ve not heard back, and nothing has arrived 😦


— Update #3 (May) —

I decided to contact Her Universe again, I got a reply back, apparently from Ashley again:

“Ashley Eckstein asked me to forward this email to you this morning.”

“I was very frustrated to get your email this morning because our communication system has failed you. I am very sorry for that. It turns out that we had one bad batch of 50 earrings. We have since fixed the problem and my vendor has assured me that it will never happen again. It is our company’s policy and Think Geek’s policy that the customer’s faulty product will be replaced by the store that they bought it from. In your case, it was supposed to be communicated to you that Think Geek would replace your earrings for you. We have offered Think Geek replacement earrings for all of the customer complaints for these faulty pairs. Through Think Geek, your earrings should have been replaced a long time ago. I am so sorry that this was not clear to you. Regardless, the fact that you are upset with your Her Universe experience is deeply upsetting to me because I have put my heart and soul into my company and I do my best to make sure our customers are happy. I have personally requested that a new pair of earrings be sent to you right away. In the future, please know that if you order our product on from any other store, that retailer is responsible for all returns and exchanges. However, in this case, our communication has definitely failed you and I take responsibility for that. I hope you will reconsider doing business with Her Universe for future orders, as quality control is a top priority for me and my company. Would you please send your address to us again and I will make sure that a new pair of earrings are sent to you right away.”

See, what bugs me with this is that back on the 10th April,  Ashley supposedly herself offered me a pair of replacement earrings – “Nevertheless, Ashley wants to send you another pair of earrings”.  I had merely e-mailed them to let them know there was a problem with their product and that I wasn’t happy about it – I didn’t ask for a refund or replacement, I was just informing them, and they OFFERED me a replacement, and asked for my address to send them to – so I accepted.

Then here she’s saying that it was supposed to be communicated to me that Think Geek would replace them.  Which it was by one woman who e-mailed me,  *after* someone else e-mailed me saying that Ashley personally wanted to send me a replacement pair.

If someone says they will send you something, it’s a reasonable assumption that the person is going to send you the item – not that you should seek your replacement from another company!

So I have to assume that the “Ashley wants to send you another pair of earrings” thing was just a lie, and she never actually had anything to do with that e-mail.  Because if she had said that, how can she say that I was supposed to be told to go to Think Geek for my replacement?  It doesn’t make sense.  I did point this out in my reply to them, but the only reply I got to that was thanking me for the address and that my earrings would be in the mail.


So I did get my replacement earrings, for which I am grateful – as they are very cool earrings, but the experience has soured my view on Her Universe.  Products can have flaws and that’s to be expected, but it’s how people deal with the situation that is important, and telling a customer they are going to be sent something, then not sending it, having them have to contact you to ask about it, and then telling them that there must have been a communication error…. just doesn’t seem like a very good way to go about it.

I will say that Think Geek’s customer service through this has been exceptional and they had offered to replace the earrings immediately without problem, were very prompt replying and seemed keen to make sure I was happy.  If only more companies had Think Geek’s customer service skills!!!


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