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Meat Nappy

So….  I actually missed the context for this as I was out grabbing a cuppa…(if there indeed was one)…….. but some gaming friends were chatting in game one night and however it started – someone made the comment about wearing a nappy, and someone else asked if it was made of meat…. so then “meat nappy” became the in joke.  because, you know… why not!

And its extra funny (for those of us so easily amused) because it sounds like an euphemism, but actually wasn’t (which is probably a first for us)  leading to conversations like “You shot me in the crotch“, “I shot you in the meat nappy!“.  (well, I did say we are easily amused :Þ)

So given that I’d already made a bacon pad as a joke for one of the other guys there, it of course fell to me to make a meat nappy 😀

Of course the recipient of the joke nappy is also a vegetarian, which makes this both inappropriate and also more amusing 🙂

(it’s ok, it’s fakon!)


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