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We have a new bed!!!


We decided that even though the budget couldn’t really stretch to luxuries like having a new bed….ours was an ancient hand-me-down, and we’d discovered some mildew on the base and it was conveniently hard rubbish (where you can throw out your old TVs, couches and big stuff on the nature strip, and the council will come and collect it for free)… So it was time to buy a new base & mattress.

And it’s cool, because it has a “mocha” suede base, so I don’t need the valance to cover an ugly base (which is good, as I don’t particularly like valances) – Ideally I’d have picked a different colour (charcoal), but they only had the brown instock and we needed to get it in time to throw the old bed out on hard rubbish.  But brown is ok, Our doona covers are all purples and blues, and our curtains are green (only because that’s what came with the house and we haven’t replaced them) so brown will go ok, and it’s definitely better than floral or something 😛

MiniObsi says “oi, stop taking photos and get back on this bed and relax!”

I also bought new flannelette sheets, because we didn’t have any, and I friend mentioned them the other day and I love flannelette sheets, so had to go buy some….(new bed deserves new sheets hey?)  and then I realised that the ones I got went well with a hand-me-down doona cover that mum gave me last year, that we’d never used  – which is actually a sort of lilac, but in the pictures here it looks more pink…. which it’s not, I assure you…. I don’t do pink.  But it is probably the “girliest” bed I’ve ever had.


New mattress, new sheets, new (to us) doona cover….  Luxury!

Can’t wait to climb into bed!   Not just because it’s new and comfy, but also because it took 2 days of cleaning to clean up the bedroom enough (coz we’re messy people) to clean the carpets, get the old bed out and the new one in and set up…  and I had to get up this morning (when I could have slept in) to put the old bed out before the rubbish collectors came –  so I deserve a nap! 😀


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