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New Shoes

So… I just had to show off my new shoes 😀

Aren’t they awesome!  They are ugly-cool…. so ugly they are actually cool!  (well, at least to me they are cool)

Rivers were having a $22 sandal sale, and I was feeling a bit depressed and thought if I bought some new shoes, that might make me feel better 😀  These sadly were not $22…. they were $39.95 but I was not leaving without them!  And I bought a pair of sandals too.

See…. I tend to live in my Crocs…. well actually fake crocs – $2.99 from a discount store ones 😀  because they are softer than real crocs.

Even though they are socially unacceptable footwear, and not practical at all… I do live in them.  They are so easy to slip on/off (I tend not to wear shoes around the house, so I’ll chuck these on to go to the shops or something, because they are convenient), and the soles are so comfy – I normally get *REALLY* painful heels when I’m standing or walking around a lot, so I’ve found these fake-crocs to be one of the few shoes I can wear that cushion my heels enough.  These and some Giselle/Ipanema thongs that are also nice and squishy soles… … but thongs irritate my toes so I hate them…

So I decided that it was high time I ditched my fake-crocs and bought some slip on proper shoes.

But I’ve discovered that Rivers have some really soft shoes – that are comfy.  I discovered that when I bought this cool pair of high heels, which have air pockets in the heels so they are almost like shock absorbers!  Ultra comfy.  But unfortunately I had a blowout on one heel, and it now leaks air, so when I stand on that foot, it compresses and makes a “pfft” sound… and the other heel doesn’t – I even tried poking a hole in the other one to make them even, but it didn’t work 😦  Shame, as I adored them.. but now I have new comfy shoes!



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