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“Foot Undies”

😀  yes… you read that right!

I was looking through some belly dance costume ideas, and I came across some foot things.  “Foot thongs” or “Foot undies” they called them….   Interesting!

I’m doing Tribal belly dance, and have discovered that the twisting of your feet to do some of the tribal moves are hard on the feet (because I’m not used to moving like that), so socks/shoes are really essential…. but I also hate dancing in socks, because I’m used to dancing barefoot… so I’d been compromising with some lightweight silk toe socks, but I thought something that left my toes bare, could work better (I like to feel the floor for grip, but the ball of my foot needs to slide)…

So I googled …. and I found several options out there for half-sock shoe things to cover the ball of your foot only…

Foot undeez” – Like y-fronts for your feet!  The name makes me giggle,  but I don’t quite like the y-frontage aspect though…

Leotoes” (leotards for your …toes… lol) – I much prefer the look of these, though they come up a lot higher up the foot. (They also come with optional laces which is cool)

Dance paws” – which have little holes for each toe to go in.

Bloch” make a few different ones, including ones with the multi-toe holes like above, and also a sort of toe sock version…

… and there are several more…..

So then I decided to have a crack making my own… because that’s what I do when I have oodles of fabric, a sewing machine, and a dislike for buying stuff I could make myself….

They do end up looking like tiny little undies!

Tada!  (pity I don’t have model feet….)

They seem to work really well.  I’ve made these from a layer of black cotton lycra on the bottom, which is slippy, but not too slippy…. and panne velvet on the top.. and Fold-over-elastic edge.  I’ve now had to make several pairs so I can match them with each one of my outfits 😀  I thought they would be uncomfortable or fall down, but no…. surprisingly comfortable and they stay put because of the elastic.

I also made a pair for a friend, from some fishnetty stuff (which I modelled on my hand so I didn’t put my icky feet into her pair ;))  which she has now nicknamed “fundies”


And then I ended up being asked to make more for the other ladies in my class 🙂  So I happily obliged (any excuse to go fabric shopping, right!?!)


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