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So…… my post office is useless…..

It used to be great…. Since I run an online business and buy things online – I’m regularly at the post office…. and since I’ve been living in this area for 8 and a half years, I’ve spent a lot of time there.  The staff learned who I was early on, and would greet my by name.  Often I’d just walk in and they would go “Hi Obsidian” and go get my package… without me needing to show my card or anything.  When I post orders they are mostly large letters that are almost too thick to qualify as a letter – they learned to not bother sticking them through the size gauge each time… things went very smoothly.

The staff were all nice.  One lady in particular would chat to me while doing my postage stuff.  They always all remarked how much MiniObsi had grown – as they had seen her from a babe in arms, right up to age 8.

Then, some new people took over the post office 😦  I assume it’s a franchise situation or something – but just before Xmas last year, all the lovely old staff were gone, and 3 Indian men took their place.  One of the original guys stayed on part time, to help out, but the 2 most lovely people were gone 😦

That was bad enough (I liked my post office people!) but these new people were TERRIBLE!  It seems they had little to no training on how to run a post office before they took over.  Everything just became terribly slow.  The queue lines became really long.  I even heard some people say they were so fed up with it, they were going to do their posting in a different post office.  Added to that, the staff found it difficult to understand the customers and the customers found it hard to understand the staff…. I stood there watching one poor guy trying to get a letter sent next day to Sydney.  All he needed was an express post envelope.  Yet it took about 2 minutes for them to go back and forward trying to understand what eachother was saying to get that happening.  PAINFUL!

Then there’s the disorganisation….  Before, the old people used to always get my mail from the same shelf compartment… they obviously had a system.  These new people do not.  When they have to find a parcel for me… they seem to look everywhere, they have no set spot to put the PO Box mail, like the other people did.  Once I’d ordered a Wii game stand online, and it came in a 2ft high box…..  I knew it should have arrived, but I kept asking them if it was in – no…..  One day hubby went in to post something for me, and asked again – they still said no – then he noticed a box out in the back room, near the door… asked if that could be it – sure enough… it was… and since they write the date on them when they receive them – it shoed it had been sitting there a week or more.  Useless.

And that brings me to the most recent issue….  I’m doing a performance on the weekend.  The group I’m dancing with decided to all wear matching skirts, so we ordered them.  I ordered mine a few weeks ago, and it hadn’t arrived – so I asked the post office…. they said I had no mail.  I asked the sender when they sent it (I’d not paid for registered mail or anything), and they gave me a tracking number…. which said that it had been waiting for collection at my post office since the 3rd Sept.  It was now the 13th Sept….  And I’d been in the post office since the 3rd.  So I went down with the tracking number and asked the post office.  They looked for the parcel, couldn’t find it.  The guy looked at the tracking number in the system, and spent about a minute just scrolling back and forth between the screens that showed the tracking on my parcel…. like it was somehow going to make it magically appear.  They took my phone number and said they would have a look and call me back.

At the end of the day I went back in to post some orders and they told me that the parcel was not there – that I must have already collected it.  No, I had not.  They insisted I must have, because the package was not there.  I pointed out that it had not been scanned out – and that I’d know if I had collected it already.  They said they must have forgotten to scan it out when I collected it… and asked if I’d collected any mail on the 3rd.   I again insisted that I know what is in that package, and I don’t have it – I quite likely did collect mail on the 3rd – as I collect mail there often (given I have a PO box there and all my mail goes there)…. but I definitely did not collect a 3kg satchel, and I definitely did not collect that package.  Eventually they seemed to get that they couldn’t argue that with me any more.  So they said they would ask the delivery lady and then call me back.  Surprise surprise, they never called back.

While I was waiting for them to call back the first time, I called Australia Post to lodge a complaint with them.  The guy on the phone sounded horrified at the stuff I was telling him about the incompetence of these people… and he passed my complaint on to the district manager.  I think they must have got in touch with the post office because when I went back that afternoon 9when they tried to tell me I’d already collected it), their parcel shelving was much neater and they looked rather stressed 😛
So I called Australia Post again today… explained to them that the post office has lost the package, and I needed that skirt by the weekend, and I need this sorted out.  She put my complaint through as an investigation on the lost parcel, but it can take up to 10 days for them to investigate it – and if they find it has indeed been lost, they will contact the store I bought the skirt off, and have them send me a replacement.  So I don’t get given the money – so I can’t buy a replacement skirt now and have them reimburse me.  So I’m stuck without a matching skirt for the performance.  I’m not impressed.

The woman on the phone was also not impressed with the post office – she called them to see if they had found the package, and they again tried to tell her that I must have already collected it!  She told me that she’d informed them that since the package hadn’t been scanned out – I had *NOT* received it.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do about my costume for the weekend….  This was the skirt I ordered (though it didn’t come with the coin belt):

It’s basically a straight skirt (couple of layers), with some extra frou-frou sewn onto the waistband at the sides, to give the appearance of a skirt tucked into the belt.  I have a skirt I can wear (I recently bought a black 25 yard skirt), but it looks nothing like this….  I happened to have some similar (but heavier) fabric in my stash, but it’s quite a dark colour, so it’s not going to have much contrast with the black bodysuit I’m wearing…. But I think I did a pretty good job of replicating the skirt…. which you really can’t tell from this pic 😀

So I’m going to have to see what the teacher says about it – if she agrees it’s too dark and if it would be better to wear the black skirt instead… or what…. But there;s no way I’ll get the skirt I ordered (or a replacement) in time, so that’s such a shame 😦  Stoopid post office!


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