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Review – LEGO board games

I wanted to do a post about the LEGO board games.  MiniObsi and I have between us got 3 of these now, and I thought I’d post a little bit about them in case it benefits anyone.

Heroica – Castle Fortaan

This is the first one MiniObsi got.  It’s quite involved, with lots of rules and set up (which is a drawback as far as I am concerned, it’s a bit complicated for people just wanting a quick easy game of something) – you move through a “castle” in a race to get to the end, and have to find keys to open doors to get through, and battle monsters in your way, open chests and whatnot as you go.  Each player has a scoreboard thing which has their lives and any pickups/monsters they have, which is nifty.   It can end up being a little bit boring playing with just 2-3 people over time, because there’s not much difference in each time you play…. but because it’s a LEGO game, you can move the paths around and change things a bit to add a bit of extra interest.  There’s probably a lot of ways you could mix it up to make it different though.  I believe it fits back into the box once assembled (or mostly does), so you don’t have to break it apart each time, which is an advantage.  It probably has more re-playability than the Hoth one as far as I’m concerned.


Star Wars – Battle of Hoth

This one was given to me, because I collect the Star Wars Minifigs 🙂  This one has the extra annoyance of it not fitting back in the box fully assembled, so that is a pain when you want to play again.  Also it takes up more space once set up.   Again you can change the paths to make the game different each time you play, so that’s good, but the game is still essentially the same each time you play.  The difference with this one is that you are playing against the other person (rather than racing them to the end), so it’s more of a battle situation.  You also have vehicles to use and the opponents have ranged attacks.  So that adds an element of difference to the game.


Mini Taurus

MiniObsi got this one for Xmas, and we all agree that it’s actually the best of the 3 we’ve played.  It’s the smallest and simplest, but by far the more enjoyable and exciting one.  As it’s on one single square tile, it’s easy to put back in the box fully assembled to play again, doesn’t take up much space – you could probably play it in the car or on a plane easily too.  The rules are quite simple – you start at one end and move to the other end to get the golden dagger as your prize. But there is a minotaur in the centre who will “kill” the player (sends it back to the start) if it gets within 1 block of it, and the dice has 2 sides which can allow a player to move the walls or the minotaur instead of moving their character piece.  So it means that the paths you need to take to get to the end are forever changing, and players can move walls around you, to block your path, or set the minotaur onto you, sending you back to the start.  So it’s completely unpredictable and a lot of fun.  I highly recommend this one!  If you had 2 of them you could make the play board twice as big with 2 minotaurs for some extra fun.


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